Some people think design is how it looks. If you dig deeper, it’s  really how it work digitally


Yuvite is an application created for smart phones that allows people to send personalised party invites. The logo created is bold blue and white envelope which when clicked opens. Multi coloured balloons house the different options available. Seek More


A brand new lifestyle store that deals exquisitely crafted furniture and unique art pieces.The webpages displaying Scarlet Splendour's Vanilla Noir and Luce Naga collections, focussing on the objects d'art.

Ambootia |

The Ambootia website we created focuses on tea from a holistic point of view, encompassing its cultivation, speciality and enjoyment. The ladybird element anchors the website in a strikingly interesting way.


Founded by Shamlu Dudeja, SHE (Self Help Enterprise) is a not-for-profit organisation involved with the welfare of women in rural India by teaching them the production of world class Kantha pieces. The website we created for it uses intricate icons carefully crafted to look like Kantha prints. Everything from the the background to the images and text speaks of a simple yet memorable design tastefully arranged for a cumulative aesthetic effect.

KavitaPoddar |

Kavita Poddar is an artist based in Kolkata who works closely with nature. The website we created for her therefore is reminiscent of natural, floral attributes. Tasteful motifs are used as clickable icons against a tasteful background that cumulatively creates the effect of navigating through a real flower show or conservatory.

GallerySanskriti |

Gallery Sanskriti is one of the leading art galleries in Kolkata. The website for it involved pictures of the gallery interspersed with factual information on the collections it displays. Along with an embedded YouTube video file, the various publications, collections and exhibitions are all neatly archived with clickable thumbnails laid out in a style that is both aesthetic and functional.

TempleOfInnerWisdom |

The Temple of Inner Wisdom is the official website of Master Minood, a modern day mystique from southern India. We created a website which would be a mouthpiece for his thoughts and beliefs. It features a video section and photo gallery amongst other attributes such as a search bar and news updater. The fonts used are crisp, modern and lead to a clutter-free, unconfused style.

Siddha Town Madhyamgram |

Siddha is currently one of the most enterprising real estate companies in Eastern India. The website we created for one of its residential projects, Siddha Town Madhyamgram. The website uses a green template commensurate with its logo which incorporates a lotus element inside a green Siddha roundel. Seek more

IFB Industries Limited

IFB Industries is one of the leading names in home appliances in India. We provide creative content for its website. The formats we use is extremely neat and balanced, showcasing IFB products and services. The specially created banners are used for various communications like offers/product launches and blend seamlessly within the web architecture. The straight-edged, sophisticated look thus created is inspired from the ethos of the brand and its products.Seek More


This website is an online retail portal for Reggion Emillion and is created stylishly with panels that showcase the Reggio Emillion winged lion in all its repsplendent glory and carefully custom-tailored webpage designs.

SanjjogProperties |

Sanjjog Properties is amongst Eastern India’s leading real estate marketing, consulting and broking houses. We designed a website for it that would serve as a single window access for its clients. The design incorporated a section with search paramaters to help them find their ideal residential, commercial or retail property. It made prominent use of the logo colours in a neat, grid-like style.


Eye-catchers is a unisex beauty salon while The Thai Spa is an authentic Thai spa associated with it. The website we created for them uses elements such as scissors and flowers to enhance the overall design in conjunction with a stimulating colour palette to communicate a style quotient that is fresh and appealing, yet minimalistic at the same time. Seek more


These pages were designed keeping in mind the overall look and ethos of Wysiwyg as an organisation and movement in design. Seek More


Commerce Junction is a website dedicated to tracking news and changes in the business world. The website created for it uses circular inforgraphics to emphasise the website’s role as the central hub for all things related to commerce and trade.


Intaglio is IIM-C's annual fest. We designed the 2005–06 website with the theme Motifs for Sustained Growth in a style applicable to younger people. It uses a colourful tile structure contrasted against a black and white image background to draw in attention and express itself as simply as possible.

MetalJunction |

Metal Junction is a website conceived as the ideal online destination for buyers of primary, secondary and other types of steel. It facilitates an e-Sales process that delivers the product to customers’ doorsteps. The website design involves a stark white background with grey tabs, a news ticker with the latest industry updates and specially created icons that highlight each section in a clutter-free, minimalistic way.


The Evacuation website relates for evacuation and fire safety products. It is designed simply, with easily recognisable icons at the top and a quote by its president, Mitsuo Matsumoto.


This i-box website was designed in the brand colours making prominent use of blue and orange with an easy navigation panel.


The ITC METS website uses a new-age multi-coloured look to communicate important information relating to current trends in the world of marketing.


The Kream Kountry website uses an illustrative route that recreates the experience of a dairy farm in stark images and colours. The site is dedicated to promoting the drinking of milk to stay healthy.

Pennonshipping |

Pennon is a company that specialises in stuffing and destuffing of cargo containers, supply of ship spares and consultancy. The website for it uses images from its industrial applications and also features a currency calculator and world time.


This website was made for Skundh TV and its web-based applications. It uses icons and display windows to create a complete web experience.


This website for Tea Lodge uses bright colours as it talks about the rich history of tea, the different kinds of teaware and the invigorating aroma of different types of tea.


The website for Voiceplace focuses on the voice training lessons that the site imparts and the different personalities linked to it.


The website is centred on bright colours and icons that reflect the services that the organisation offers.


This website was one of the first to table Calcutta’s events and history. Detailed in information, it used an easy delivery format.


A website designed to make ordering the stylish jute products that the organisation offers easier through a muted colour palette.