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Retail Industry


Camarena is the leading retailer of cameras and photography equipment in India with over 60 stores across India. An offshoot of Capital Photo Service Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the photographic industry since 1964, Camarena has quickly captured the imaginations of the digital generation. Seek more


Roxx is a tableware brand owned by East Coast Distributors Pvt Ltd. We created packaging for its glass cookware range that showcases appropriate pictures within a grid layout that enhances its tidiness and appeal. Seek More


A brand new lifestyle store that deals exquisitely crafted furniture and unique art pieces. Seek More


Right Florist has the largest florist network across India with more than 40 stores. The catalogue includes sections for local, national and international delivery of flowers. The inside contain colourful images of flower arrangements in neat templates relating to various occasions and festivals. One of the most interesting features of this brochure is the UV coating cover, scented with the smell of fresh flowers.


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Vizyon is a high-end women’s western-wear fashion boutique located in South Kolkata that celebrates some of the best elements of the world of fashion.


Vision Rx Lab is the manufacturing arm of GKB Opticals and produces cutting edge optical lenses. An exhaustive product catalogue has been made for it that showcases various lenses and lens technologies in an easy-to-read format with colour-coded tabs that makes navigation simple. Seek more


Eyesense is a company that produces and retails in herbal products. It uses iridology to prescribe herbal remedies, hence the identity designed for it uses herbal leaves interestingly. Seek more


Palki is a modern ethnicwear brand based in Kolkata that celebrates a fusion of elegance and style. This full page newspaper ad for Palki communicates a special sale. Seek More


Sumangal is one of the city’s leading male fashion apparel stores. This magazine ad for the store features a grid of the products it retails. Seek more


Sale Mart was a large retail outlet located in central Kolkata, catering to the VFM segment. These designs were created for its Christmas promotion and feature a Christmas tree made with the hanger element of the logo. Seek more


These paper bags created for Faboutique use a circular design element in white rendered against a tasteful golden background. Seek more


This poster was made specially for a promotion involving Zara, a tie-up wherein presenting the Zara bill would avail the customer free services up to 25% of the bill amount. A folder with a sleeve was also created for Tattoo Land at EyeCatchers. A further discount card shows a sillhouette of a woman with a design element merged seamlessly and flowing from her hair. Seek more


These ads are both for The Thai Spa. While the one on the left announces the opening of an outlet in Jamshedpur, the other introduces a new fish spa. Seek more


These two magazine ads were created for EyeCatchers and The Thai Spa jointly. While the one on the left employs a fairytale theme to present the spa and salon benefits, the one on the right offers them as uniquely special services from the UK and Thailand respectively. Seek more

Reggio Emilion

These posters were created for Reggio Emilion’s flagship store in london. They use elements of the brand—European pedigree, elan, contemporary style—to create tasteful designs printed on canvas. Seek More


This set of poster, invitation card and vouchers were created using logo elements of Zois, set in tasteful brown hues to indicate cosmopolitan menswear. The colour palette has been specifically chosen to complement the primary colour, again derived from the logo itself. Seek More


Leaflet for Embody a body sculpting and fitness centre. This was designed as a handout to visitors who came to the Embody stall at Taj Bengal. The shiny square on the cover reflected the viewer and drew her into the heart of the subject, looking better with Embody. Seek More