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Product Catalogues

IFB Industries Limited

IFB is one of the country’s leading home appliances companies with a No 1 position in the washing machine and dryer segments. This all-product catalogue is made in a foldout design that showcases all IFB product ranges in a sectioned format that draws its inspiration from the neatness and minimalistic elegance of IFB’s products themselves. Seek More

ITC Limited

This is a Safety Standards guideline for ITC’s Wills Lifestyle Stores. It sets out the various housekeeping standards, safety norms, technical contacts and maintenance checklists in neatly designed pages to present the information using technical and lifestyle pictures. Seek More

Siddha Xanadu

Siddha is one the most well respected names in the real estate industry in Eastern Indian. With a long string of successful and prestigious residential and commercial projects under its belt, Siddha Xanadu is yet another sparkling jewel in the crown of the Company. The brochure is designed in black to impart a contemporary quality to it with thematic images juxtaposed with actual photos of the elevation and pictures of premier facilities. Seek more

Mani Casadona

Built by the Mani Group, Mani Casadona is a combined business and leisure project in Rajarhat, the upcoming hub of Kolkata. A series of brochures has been created, that reflect the same refinement in both substance and style with a neat design approach which sees elements of the logo applied as motifs throughout. The corporate nature of the brochure is noticeable in its straight line templates. Seek more


Udita is a part of the Bengal Ambuja initiative. It is a residential project set amidst blue skies and the glory of nature. An Application Kit has been created for it that uses the logo’s elements to highlight the nature-friendly elements and landscaped expanse.


Ibiza is an outdoor entertainment club from the Merlin Group built in the Spanish style architecture. The brochure for it has a very vibrant, youthful feel to it and abounds in colourful pictures of the club’ facilities. The back cover pictures an illustrated map of the entire place and also includes forms for membership to the club.


Shivam Aquila is a residential project from the house of Mani Realty. Located strategically off the EM Bypass, between Ruby Hospital and Science City within easy access to the best schools, hotels and hospitals Kolkata has to offer. Its overarching aim is to nurture lifestyles that make the best use of what the city has to offer.


The Rukmani Amar Aangan is a first-of-its-kind senior citizens’ home located in Kolkata. The brochure created for it uses bright pastel shades with text and pictures set in an easy-to-read square grid made simple for easy perusal.

Vision Rx Lab

Vision Rx Lab is the manufacturing arm of GKB Opticals and produces cutting edge optical lenses. An exhaustive product catalogue has been made for it that showcases various lenses and lens technologies in an easy-to-read format with colour-coded tabs that makes navigation simple. Seek More

Philips Electronics India Limited

This product catalogue for Philips Lighting showcases the lights being used in practicals settings such as shops and dealerships as it is mainly aimed at interesting business clients. Against bright yellow and blue backgrounds, it deals with both the art of lighting and its modalities while also detailing the product range itself. Seek More


Right Florist has the largest florist network across India with more than 40 stores. The catalogue includes sections for local, national and international delivery of flowers. The inside contain colourful images of flower arrangements in neat templates relating to various occasions and festivals. One of the most interesting features of this brochure is the UV coating cover, scented with the smell of fresh flowers.


Roxx is a tableware brand from East Coast Distributors. Though a budget brand, it positions itself as “Styling Lifestyles” working under the premise of style that fits budgets. The brochure is designed for the newly launched Opal range in the market. Seek More

Mallcom (India) Ltd.

Mallcom is the country’s largest integrated manufacturer and distributor of Personal Protective Equipment. The brochure uses the three elements of fire, water and earth and uses them to represent hand, body and feet protection respectively. The pages of the catalogue use colour-coded sections and a neat, grid format to present the individual products.

Century Plyboards (I) Ltd.

The “Elemental Design” catalogue from the country’s most popular brand of plywood, Century Ply, is a compilation of work done by upcoming interior designers across the country. The idea is to unify nature with lifestyles, bringing together the various facets of texture, richness and design to showcase the ability of designers to transform living spaces into harmonious representations of repose and peace.


Multiwyn Tiles was established in Kolkata nearly five decades ago and in that time has developed an expertise in manufacturing pre-polished designer concrete tiles. The cover theme, “Patterns for Life” relates to turning age-old and vintage designs into tile applications. The pages inside showcase the products with short descriptors.


Ashoka’s range of bags and kitchen linen is hand-crafted from ecofriendly recyclable materials such as jute and cotton. The product catalogue utilises an understated fashion quotient for the cover while the product pages use bright, vibrant colours to bring the various ranges to attention. Seek more


Navjeevan is an NGO based in Odisha that helps source fare-trade traditional arts and crafts. The brochure we created for it was based on the theme of Renaissance, the idea that all things are renewed through an appreciation of the arts.


Ventures is a range of customised as well as ready-to-wear couture outfits, each piece exquisitely detailed and handcrafted. The brochure is divided by stylised section dividers and showcases the fabrics and designs as worn by models. The look of the entire catalogue is extremely minimalistic and uncluttered. Seek more


An export catalogue for Earth Axxessories jute bags. The cover highlights the natural element through visuals of the sea and outdoors. Inside each category of bag is flagged by a border with an appropriate visual.


A profile for an IT firm that uses an atomic molecular graphic to convey the scope of the organisation's business processes. Navy blue, the colour of science and thought has been used for the cover and the background. Seek More


A catalogue that covers the range of Stex's business process management services. Colours are muted almost monochrome in effect, here shades of purple, grey, black and white. Seek More


A catalogue for an organisation that manufactures fire safety equipment. The cover takes a flame graphic and apart from using it as a background form, turns flames into hand shapes to get the message of fire safety across.

JDJones & Co (P) Ltd

Catalogues for Rolgard Grease. Lines in the pack colours add movement to the cover. Inside colourful application visuals are set against solid panels of grey and black to create a dramatic effect.


The Sureka Group is one of the most prominent real estate companies in East India. The corporate brochure that was created for uses the analogy of art to suggest that the Group’s expertise over the many years in construction has given it an eye for detail equal to that of any great artist. Seek More

Belani Group

Belani Group is a construction company that strives to take its ability to create living and working environments to the next level. The brochure employs a typographical wordplay housed in the outline of a cityscape of high rises. With many prestigious real estate projects already under its belt, in this brochure Belani looks to the future with a vision of building not just beautiful real estate but also of bettering lives. Seek More