No matter what shape or size, it’s all in our package!


ITC Limited

Another feather in ITC's cap:the launch of EON, The first Indian disposable e-cigarette. Available in regular and mint variants. The globe like circle is the linchpin of the design. Seek More


Packaging for the ITC Expressions range of stationery. Different colours were used to highlight the contents, which ranged from normal white writing paper to coloured papers.


Eyesense is a company that produces and retails iriherbal products. The packaging that was created for it makes use of serene colours, each codified to a particular variant in the series. The memorable logo is used to dominate the packaging, thus creating brand recall.


Roxx is a tableware brand owned by East Coast Distributors Pvt Ltd. We created packaging for its glass cookware range that showcases appropriate pictures within a grid layout that enhances its tidiness and appeal. Seek More


Repose is a brand of the SRD Group which is involved in the FMCG category in North East India. We modernised the logo for it and designed the packagings for its newly launched range of savoury snacks. This packaging design features a background pattern derived from Indian textiles Bandhani. Seek More

Priya Food Products Ltd

Pogo potato chips is a product of Gee Pee Food Products Ltd, a sub-concern of Priya Food Products Ltd, a premier Indian biscuit brand founded in 1988. The packging that was created for it uses bright, vibrant colours and eye-catching illustrations with different variants distinguished by their colour schemes. A cartoonish, happy-looking mascot was created in the shape of a potato holding varianting placards in its hands. Seek More

Limtex Group of Industries

Nargis is a brand owned by the Limtex Group. The brand relates to tea and biscuits with a range extending from ordinary CTC teas to export quality luxury teas. The brand also has a range of biscuits. The packaging here is for a new range of biscuits launched by them. The anchor of the design is the ribbon which holds the brand name. It also includes a brand mascot called Titli, a little girl who plays with butterflies. The centralisation of the name, shape of the ribbon and bright colours have all been used collectively to increase the shelf throw of the packs. In Nargis Top Crisp, since it is a premium biscuit, the pack has been treated with gold lines to emphasise its specialness. Seek More


The Ambootia Group operates some of the finest tea gardens in India. We have created packaging for a number of its tea brands. Here a carton made for its Happy Valley brand is shown. Because the Happy Valley tea estate is full of butterflies, the decision was taken to create the Happy Valley brand logo in the shape of one. This logo has also been adapted and applied to the background to create an elegant effect that is continued through the series, the varianting being done through a change in the colour of the carton itself. Seek More

Darjeeling Impex Limited

Darjeeling Impex Limited is a concept company and the grower, manufacturer and exporter of some of the finest Darjeeling and Assam teas. The packaging we created for it was a vintage wooden box with an illustration style one colour woodcut in the forefront. It also features a ribbon and red seal for exclusivity and an exciting wordplay for an overall memorable effect.

Poddar HMP Group

Tea for Two is a range of quality teas from the HM Poddar Group. The boxes we created for it uses a heart shaped mnemonic shaped from the digits, love being the emotion conveyed. It celebrates the vintage English practice of taking afternoon tea and also includes an exerpt from a poem from which the name of the brand originates. The bands wrapped around each box are also employed in varienting.


Tata Tea is one of the leaders in tea production in India. We created packaging a Tata Cafe packaging at the time it was being launched international. Seek More


Double Diamond is a premium CTC leaf brand owned by Duncans. The packaging we created for it reflected the core realities of the product: strong, crisp and refreshing.


DTKV Pvt Ltd is a company set up in 2001 involved in the trade and export of rice tea and spices. We created two series of packagings for them that featured premium tea in green packaging using an English afternoon tea look and feel and another in red for everyday consumption, featuring more mundane teacups and visuals. Seek More


Spencer’s Retail is a chain of retail stores based in Kolkata. We created packagings for several of its products, including CTC Leaf Tea, Dust Tea. The pack designs shown here each show the cup and saucer as the focus element. In both packs, it is surrounded by greenery to enunciate the aromatic and natural properties of the teas. Seek More


Magik Cook is a company involved in the production, packaging and retail of ground food products in the North East. The packaging we designed for it uses warm, lively colours to create the appeal of tasteful home cooking. Seek More


The main feature of these packs, created for IFB Prawns, is the icons that have been created in the shape of a prawn to highlight the key features of the product. Variants have been colour coded in order to distinguish one from another. Seek More


The pouch packaging that was created for JVL Oil's range of mustard oil, refined palmolein oil, refined soyabean oil and vanaspati—Jhoola, was derived from the essential premise of the brand—"Chhoolo aasman ko!" The design used a golden droplet that was used in creating a floral pattern that creates an immediate connection with health and quality. The variants are colour coded in blue, green or yellow. Seek More

Soho Patisserie

This red box was created for Soho Patisserie using a background of various patterns representing different types of confection, all inspired by the swirl that is the central element in Soho’s logo.


This bottle label design was created for Scots Spring, packaged drinking water brand from the house of Rangali. It features a tartan pattern that echoes strains of Scotland along with a commemorative red ribbon element and crest set against a large drop of water.


The Orient Express was a Chinese takeaway. We decided to make it stand out by creating a logo in the authentic red and black Chinese colours. It uses an orientalised font in conjunction with a soup bowl and chopsticks.

Exide Industries

Exide is one of India’s leading battery storage companies. We designed the sticker accompanying their new line of Inva batteries, colour-codeing each for strength, durability and efficiency. Seek More

JDJones & Co (P) Ltd

Rolgard is a unique high performance and high temperature lithium based grease from the house of JD Jones & Co (P) Ltd. The tin label that we designed for it uses red and black, two strong colours that denote stability and durability. Seek More


An eyecatching box for the document management system for Windows using an assortment of colours and geometric shapes underscored by black.


Packaging for lingerie specialist Suman Nathwani in delicate shades of yellow and ochre with a daisy graphic and a colourful tag attached for gifting. Giftwrapping paper continues the floral design.


Packaging created for Orly, specialists in men's ethnic apparel, shirts and wedding wear. These carry bags in deep burgundy and orange convey a sense of richness. Seek More