See the 3Cs in the circulation: Consistency, Clutter-busting and Contrast.


ITC Limited

ITC is a national giant conglomerate with businesses that involve FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards, Paper & Packaging and Agri Business. Naturally, the monthly newsletter for it had to cover news and happenings from all the business divisions. The use of corporate colours prevented the newsletter from appearing overwhelming or intrusive. Seek More


Grand Glimpses is another newsletter for the iconic Oberoi Grand Hotel. Intended for internal circulation, it includes many articles and pictures of interest to the staff. The essential attraction of this newsletter is in its simple execution of the complex task of providing something for every member of the Oberoi Grand workforce. Seek More


Spencer’s is one of the leading department store chains in India. The We@Spencer’s newsletter is an effective way of communicating the goings-on at this enormous organisation to its gargantuan family. Rendered in bright, easy-on-the-eye colours it strikes a friendly note with articles and features neatly presented.


The newsletter of T&I, one of the oldest tea processing machinery firms of its kind, centers around shades that reflects tea, a palette of yellow and orange. Minimal in approach and businesslike in concept, the newsletter focuses on the task of delivering tea business news and machinery updates in a subtle, no-nonsense manner.

Sureka Group

The Sureka Group is one of the most prominent real estate companies in East India. The newletter for it, Sunrise Post, used a colour scheme commensurate with the name, imparting a rich, warm feeling to a Company known for its traditional values. The back page features neatly organised indexes of trivia and market information.

Century Plyboards

Inner Circle is the quarterly newsletter of Century Ply, India’s leading brand of plywood. The red circular device on the masthead derives its architecture from the Century Mica logo while the newsletter’s front page uses various newspaper clippings pertinent to the Company to showcase some of its recent happenings.


Star Cement is the largest manufacturer of cement in North East India. The quarterly newsletter we created for it is called Nirmaan, which translates to construct(ion). The design attempt to create a neat, partitioned effect that alludes to the straight line edges of building construction.

TheRotaryClub of Calcutta

This Chaka reflects the organization’s values of peace through service. An understated design using a basic blue and white colour combination forms a background to the work that the organisation does, drawing attention to their services and highlighting a different news maker in every bulletin. The name reflects the Rotary Club ‘wheel’ logo.