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Leaflet for Embody a body sculpting and fitness centre. This was designed as a handout to visitors who came to the Embody stall at Taj Bengal. The shiny square on the cover reflected the viewer and drew her into the heart of the subject, looking better with Embody. Seek More


Green Hive is a division of ABC India Limited, a company with 45 years of logistics experience. It is an initiative to expand services in the logistics industry by offering record management solutions. The foldable leaflet that was created for it uses a neat grid design with pictures of the Company’s various storage. The overwhelming use of green is owing to Green Hive being an eco-conscious Company.


The Happy Valley Tea Estate is the only tea garden in Darjeeling town and it is run by the Ambootia Group. The leaflet we created for it was aimed at getting tourists to take a tour of the tea factory. We employed an illustration style complemented by appropriate copy and a map of Darjeeling with points of interest marked.

PoddarHMP Group

The leaflet for Tea for Two has an elegant, premium look and is an extension of the packaging design.


The leaflet we created for Tycab uses a dash of colour in an otherwise dull category and stands out as unique and different. Along with eye-catching product images the leaflet features a die cut cable.


This leaflet was created for Camarena, India’s largest camera retail chain. It showcases the product range on the front, surrounding the headline and body copy which is an extension of its campaign thought, ‘Endless choices. Make the right one.’ The back catalogues various popular camera models and other photography equipment while the top is created as a tearaway voucher redeemable for a free gift. Seek More

Belani Group

Moore Heights is a residential property developed by the Belani Group. The leaflet we created for it creates the image of a place unfettered by the hustle-bustle of city life. It does this through pictures and text that relate directly to the reader’s idea of comfortable living and open spaces.


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The Rukmani Amar Aangan is a one-of-a-kind senior citizen home on Diamond Harbour Road managed as a non-profit institution by the Radhakishan Rukmani Devi Poddar Charitable Trust. The leaflet that we created for it uses bright, happy pictures and a simple typographical style that is easily legible. It also includes a road map and a section relating to payment details.

GKB Opticals

Sunlite is a range of photochromic lenses and one of the many products retailed by GKB Opticals. The leaflet we created for it was in a foldout style with time lapse images, product and technical shots and text rendered against a white background with orange headings emphasising the sun factor. Seek More

Siddha Aangan

Siddha is a leading real estate developer focused mostly in eastern India. However, Siddha Aangan is located in Jaipur and is positioned as having a warm, traditional appeal. The leaflet that was created for it uses traditional wood-carved rajasthani bird puppets to illustrate the freedom of owing one’s own home. Seek More


The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance is a joint venture that seeks to create conditions ideal for biomedical research in India. The leaflet designed for it employs images of microscopic organisms in an interesting layout of that is both visually eye-catching and thematically engrossing. Seek More

Kripalani & Sons

A leaflet for Inaki, a new jewellery brand. The word means 'eye' in Japanese which is why the eye has been used as the point of focus throughout the leaflet with the jewellery used strikingly to adorn the silhouette of the girl.


Created for a spiritual guide from South India called Master Minood. The cover is in deep blue, a meditative colour which uses the form of a lotus, the prime symbol of meditation with the pranayam mantra in English. Inside the text is set against a plain white background.