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The logo of New Town School uses four different elements with symbolic meaning. The apple is a symbol of enlightenment and nurturing. The light bulb, the symbol of inspiration. The pen is mightier than the sword. The gear is a tool that has moved the world. Together they represent the crossroads of education that NTS stands for.


Avalanche is an event management company.


The retail identity for the apparel brand was created using the reverse z of the name as a graphic unit. The shop signage has been created to denote ‘Urbane Ethnicity’ for the metropolitan man. It has been adapted mainly from the logo and uses elegant typefaces to complete the overall theme.


Manovikas Kendra started its journey in a very modest way in 1974 on 28th January (Basant Panchami Day), with Dr. (Smt.) Sharada Fatehpuria as its Founder. It is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization registered as a Society under West Bengal Societies Registration Act. It was one of the foremost non-govt. organizations in the country to start training and research of individuals with special needs. This logo was designed to celebrate 40 years.


Yuvite is an invitation application, it allows you to create and send invitations on all popular mobile messaging Applications. The logo is in the shape of an envelope and martini. Seek More


A brand new lifestyle store that deals exquisitely crafted furniture and unique art pieces. The logo is in a contemporary form of a crest.


Camarena is the leading retailer of cameras and photography equipment in India with over 60 stores across India. An offshoot of Capital Photo Service Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the photographic industry since 1964, Camarena has quickly captured the imaginations of the digital generation.

Soho Bistro & Soho Patisserie

Soho is an eclectic restaurant-cum-nightclub specialising in Mediterranean fare, located in central Kolkata. When they decided it was time for a makeover, we we advised renaming the restaurant Soho Bistro to give it a Mediterranean feel. We also suggested the creation of a separate confectionery division called Soho Patisserie. The logo for each uses the previously existing Soho logo but with the addition of the new suffix. Bistro uses a soothing Mediterranean aquamarine while Patisserie is rendered in a passionate red. Seek More


Eye Sense is a company that uses the science of iridology to diagnose and recommend herbal remedies to common health issues. The logo for it featured a prominent Y created as a leaf stalk. Furthermore, the two Es on either side of it make the word look like a human face.

PoddarHMP Group

The Poddar HMP Group has several business interests that include engineering products, real estate and tea. The logo for it primarily speaks of these diversified global business interests. Seek More


Happy Valley is the highest tea estate in the district of Darjeeling. The logo for it uses a butterfly as its primary element, communicating visually the idea of sprawling foothills covered with misty morning air, tea bushes and of course, butterflies!

Wills Sport

Wills Sport (now Wills Lifestyle) is an apparel brand from ITC. This was the original logo designed when it was launched. It uses a sporty feel executed by using two arrows connoting speed and action which also serve to form a W.


Dali is a men's clothing brand from the fashion house of Orly. The logo created for it is in a simple typographical style. The distinguishing element in it is the red stroke, inspired by the moustache of Salvador Dali.


Vachi is involved in fashion clothing. Essentially, the logo that was designed for it employs a personalised style through a signature like design that serves to both cue style and exclusivity.


Hooray Henry is a men’s clothing range named after the British expression that refers to a loud, ineffectual, male aristocrat. The logo created for it uses a stylised typographical style in which both a lower case and upper case have been united to form a letter mnemonic.


Faboutique is a fabrics store. The logo created for it uses a font that emulates a running stitch. The double B device forms a detailed design element that is used on stationery to effect a thematic uniformity that is integral yet interesting.

Raa International

Raa International is a company that specialises in fine Egyptian cotton. The logo that was created for it used an Egyptian element, the sun, to connote strength, with the rays of the sun likened to threads of cotton.


Ventures is a fashion house that specialises in premium western wear. The logo created for it has been designed with a large V as a contemporary fashion icon. The colours used are also very urban and chic.


Nik-Nish was an accessories brand which catered to people of all age groups and across the economic spectrum. The words, Nik and Nish are derived from the names of the owners. The logo created for it has been easily recognisable and memorable.


Tesoro was a high-end lifestyle brand offering imported glass and ceramic home décor products etc. The logo for it is upmarket and features artistic, abstract swirls of three bright colours in a distinctly Italian style.

Dhanuka Ventures Private Limited

SS40 is the name of a mall soon to be opened at 40 Shakespeare Sarani. The logo we designed for it makes use of the fact that it is a seven-storeyed building, portraying them in levels, within a maze structure that alludes to the corridors of the mall. Seek More

VisionRx Lab

Vision Rx Lab is the Research and Development division of GKB Opticals. The logo we designed for it uses a V within an O within an eye shape, cueing healthy vision. The colour used is a cool, soothing shade of blue.


Eye Catchers is a unisex hair and beauty salon from the UK. The stationery we have created for it uses a series of hairstyle icons that enhances its appearance and introduces an element of style.


The Thai Spa is a franchise with branches located around the city and country. We have applied design elements in the shape of spa hot stones towards the enhancement of its stationery.



Roxx is a tableware brand owned by East Coast Distributors Pvt Ltd. We created packaging for its glass cookware range that showcases appropriate pictures within a grid layout that enhances its tidiness and appeal.


The Kenilworth is one of Kolkata’s prestigious hotels with a long-standing reputation. The logo that was designed for it was in the form of a mnemonic using the letter K in a style commensurate with The Kenilworth’s unique style quotient.


Nalban is a boating resort located in Kolkata’s suburbs. The logo that was created for it uses a sail as its main element, rendered in a stylised design and employing a bright, fun colour scheme.


These logos were created for the Myx, a food and beverage outlet comprising Indian restaurant, Chinese cuisine, International Cuisine, lounge and bar and nightclub.The form was taken from the Myx typography and used as a design tool to anchor the different outlets under one identity. Seek More


Imperio is a recently launched banquet/conference hall in the heart of the city. The logo we designed for it is essentially in the shape of a large I in gold with the negative elements in black and grey on either side depicting the floorplan of the hall itself.


Rukmani Amar Aangan is a senior citizens’ home set up on Diamond Harbour Road in Kolkata. It is a pioneer in this field, being the first such home with world class facilities. The logo we designed for it used a font that was easy to read against a bright green background. It also features sillhouettes of birds: one within the green box in white and one having broken free to the outside in green.


Privy is a downtown nightclub. The logo for it was created with a black background to highlight the nocturnal element. Furthermore, the Y is shaped as a wine glass and droplets of red and grey are included to cue fun and excitement.


Urban Desi is a city lounge and hookah bar that is projected as a fusion of both the urban and rooted India. To create this effect the logo uses a lotus element in conjunction with an Arabic looking font.


Magik Cook is a company located in Shillong. It is involved in the production, packaging and retail of staple grain used everyday in most Indian households. The main appeal of this logo is the hand-crafted typography wherein the wheat swirl that enhances the C serves to visually depict what the brand is about at a glance.


Gelatissimo is an ice cream brand and the approach towards creating its logo revolved around the tangible benefit of the product itself. An ice cream swirl was used within the O and the typography employed was as though made of strawberry syrup. The colour scheme here was intended to appeal to the young and fun-loving.


Baker’s Café is a premium confectionery located in Shillong. It holds pride of place as the producer of an exquisite range of cakes and pastries.


Little Pleasures is a confectionery. Therefore, we used dessert swirls as the main element of the logo. The font used appears as though it has been piped through an icing cone. The colour scheme is chocolate and mocha but this can be changed in the event a specific product has to be highlighted.


The Orient Express was a Chinese takeaway. We decided to make it stand out by creating a logo in the authentic red and black Chinese colours. The logo features an orientalised font wherein the O and E are conjoined in addition to a top shot of a soup bowl and chopsticks. The font has been extended as watermarks on the stationery.


Sanskriti Ceramics is a ceramic studio in Maihar. In the logo the blue portion originates from the exisiting logo for Gallery Sanskriti, an art gallery in Kolkata and the parent entity. The streaked, white portion has been augmented to complete the logo in the depiction of a ceramic pot. Seek More


Anjika is an institute of Manipuri dance. The logo uses the anji, an auspicoius symbol. It also incorporates a duality via both the Manipuri script as well as the colours used which have been derived from the art form Anjika explores.


MBWA or Mahadevi Birla World Academy is the new avatar of Mahadevi Birla Girls' School. The logo for it is a fusion of three elements: the sun that symbolises truth, the guiding hands of the teacher and the indomitable fire that is the zeal for knowledge.

Birla Vidya Niketan

Birla Vidya Niketan is a progressive co-educational school in Delhi. This logo is a modernisation of its previous avatar which featured a swan and a crest-like element. In its current form it cues education for the new world and simplified forms of teaching.

Exide Industrial

A separate logo was created for Exide’s industrial division integrating the existing corporate logo. It was housed in a battery-like form that is also visually styled as a factory. The colour red is in sync with the corporate colour.


Green Hive is a division of ABC India Limited, an initiative to expand services in the logistics industry by offering record management solutions. We designed the brand identity to signify movement and using eco-friendly colours.


TyCab specialises in producing plastic cables and ties that are used in both domestic and industrial applications. Our idea for the logo is the ‘infinity knot’. The logo derives from the shape of the product itself in allusion to the infinity symbol that cues endurance and long life.

Saiji Group of Industries

The Saiji Group of Industries specialises in the manufacture of iron TMT bars. The logo for it uses an S designed in the form of TMT bars to communicate both the resilience and strength of the company.

Pinnacle Overseas

Pinnacle specialises in making leather products. The logo that was designed for it used the letter P in an emblem or seal style. The rationale behind this is to enable this easily identifiable mongram to be embossed or used as a tag.


Neostiva is a company specialising in healthcare services. The logo created for it uses a red swoosh to cue the healing process. It surrounds the V designed in the form of a human figure, enabling an overall interpretation of healthcare protection.

JDJones & Co (P) Ltd

JD Jones has been making packings, insulations and lubricants for decades. It specialises in sealing, insulation and lubrication. The logo we created for it uses an orange roundel with smaller, curved elements in white inside it, depicting ball bearings.


Antron is a leather company that makes handbags etc. The logo is in the form of an A with a wavy line running across it. The idea is to cue a swatch that speaks of the business activity of the company. To this effect, two shades of blue complement each other giving the logo a sense of corporate propriety.

Woodburn Central

Woodburn is an upcoming commercial and retail hub in central Kolkata. The logo for it uses a centralised W, stylised in allusion to a modern city skyline. It is held in a sweeping C that anchors the design. Overall, the colours used make the logo look corporate and new age.

Moore Heights

Moore Heights is a residential-cum-commercial building named after the street on which it is located, Moore Avenue. The logo showcases the idea of heights using elevated lines.


Junction is a mall located in Dibrugarh, Assam. The logo developed for it uses red and white to capture maximum attention. Created in the shape of an orb with concentric circles inside, the idea is to cue a central hub emanating swirls of activity.

Siddha Town

Siddha Town is a budget residential project from the prestigious house of Siddha, which proposes to provide high living at low cost. The logo for it borrows the red dot from the Siddha corporate logo. Seek More

Shivam Aquila

Shivam Aquila is a residential project from the house of Mani Realty. The logo we designed for it uses two main elements: the pyramid shape, indicative of Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva; and the breezy wave-like structures on it, alluding to Aquila, Latin for the eagle.

Shivam Astera

Shivam Astera, a new housing project from the Mani Group.As Astera means ‘like a star’, both the visual and textual aspects are heavily based upon stellar constellations and their appearance in the night sky.


Mani Casadona is a combined business and leisure project in Rajarhat, the upcoming hub of Kolkata. We chose the name to reflect the concept of an office as personalised as a home can be. The logo uses triangles in place of the As to denote the three elevations of the project while the O cues the fact that it is the new central hub of Rajarhat.


The Tea Lodge is a website that provides information about tea. The logo that was created for it uses the image of a wooden lodge against green, verdant scenery that cues freshness, and the cultivation of tea.


Sikkim Chai is a tea company. The logo is treated in warm, earthy colours and uses a stylised illustration to depict the aroma of the brew rising up to the mountains.


Skundh is an interactive TV set top box that was launched in the early 2000s by Macmet India. The logo that was created for it uses a bright sun in a swirling motion cueing a constant stream of movement. The eye element further cues television viewing.

AtlantaGlobal Advisors

Atlanta Global Advisors is a boutique M&A advisory with a focus on the IT sector. With 20 years of experience, the Company has achieved success through a worldwide network of partners motivated to help clients create global businesses on sound corporate strategy. This logo was created for Atlanta Global Advisors and uses two triangles in green and blue to form an A. The thought behind the design was to create a canopy effect that cues reliability and security. The same thought was extended onto the brochure, featuring the logo on the cover and its adaptations as design elements in the inside pages.


OS Infra is an Infosystem Solutions provider with expertise in different fields. We designed the logo keeping the original initials of the Company and used the green magic leaf as the connector between the old and the new.

Ace Acoustics

Ace is an acoustics company in Guwahati that provides sound solutions to venues and events. The logo created for it uses a confluence of elements to depict both a letter A and cue an arrow pointing upwards.


Vizyon is a high-end women’s western-wear fashion boutique located in South Kolkata. The logo we designed for it uses some of the most celebrated elements of the world of fashion. The sophisticated typography is rendered in gold lettering with the O especially emphasised to highlight the oomph factor of the brand.


A party management organization. To set the mood of sophistication, a blue, silver and black colour palette was used with illustrations in the style of sophisticated Edwardian artist Aubrey Beardsley.


A kit and stationery for i-box an end to end security solutions provider. Orange navy and white make for a striking colour palette.


Logo and stationery for well known designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh's Kimono line. The K is formed through Japanese tangram forms in a monochrome colour palette of black or brown and sepia.


Logo and stationery for Shalzip a company creating ziplock bags and related products to ensure freshness. Colours are deliberately kept to the green family The focus is on the Z in a contrast colour, which is extended by the word 'fresh', emphasizing the ziplock factor.


A direct mailer for a small leather export company that makes use of a stitch effect and textured paper to give the handmade leather feel.

Reliance Smart Prepaid

A starter pack containing a booklet designed for Reliance Smart users. The logo was a given. Visual colours were used to blend with its colour family and children whispering to each other conveyed ease of service.

ITC Tobacco Divison

The logo used a tobacco leaf graphic. The form also subtly conveyed hands joined in welcome.