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ITC is a national giant conglomerate with businesses that involve FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards, Paper & Packaging and Agri Business. ITC Sonar is its flagship hotel in Kolkata, at the heart of the hospitality landscape. This brochure was made for Sonar Spa, the spa at ITC Sonar and is printed on handmade paper to impart a calm, soothing feel. Likewise, the frangipani flower has also been applied as a design motif to evoke the senses to a serenity. Seek more


ITC Grand Central offers a range of options that rate among the best in 5 star luxury accommodation in Mumbai. Striking the perfect balance between world class luxury and the warmth of Indian hospitality, this landmark hotel presents tastefully designed luxury rooms allowing you to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. An invitation card for the launch using a box of spice to hint at the exotic ingredients was designed. Seek More

Sheraton New Delhi

Sheraton New Delhi is a five-star hotel located conveniently in the business district of South Delhi. These two posters and a tent card were created for Sheraton's Dakshin restaurant for its Dravidian, Udupi and Kerala food festivals respectively. Seek more


Hyatt Regency Kolkata was the first five-star establishment in Salt Lake City. This communication was designed for the launch of its patisserie.


The Oberoi Grand, referred to as the Grande Dame of Chowringhee, is one of Kolkata’s premier hotels and has been for 125 years. The Banquet & Conference Planner has a montage of pictures of the hotel and the menus. Seek more

Soho Bistro & Soho Patisserie

Soho is an eclectic restaurant-cum-nightclub specialising in Mediterranean fare, located in central Kolkata. Soho Bistro uses a soothing Mediterranean aquamarine colour palette while Patisserie is rendered in a passionate red. Seek more


These logos were created for the Myx, a food and beverage outlet comprising Indian restaurant, Chinese cuisine, International Cuisine, lounge and bar and nightclub.The form was taken from the Myx typography and used as a design tool to anchor the different outlets under one identity. Seek More


Starstruck is a restobar in Forum Mall on Elgin Road serving excellent cocktails and eclectic world cuisine. We created its identity and restaurant collaterals including menu cards, posters, discount vouchers and invitation cards. Seek more


These standees and invitation cards were created for Privy and throughout them a marked use of black accentuates the brand’s overarching mood, dark and exciting. Purple and red have been used as contrasting colours, the red deriving from the brand’s logo itself. In one card, the words Private Party have been treated typographically to make the letters PRIVY stand out in red. Seek more


Venom is a nightclub in Kolkata. The 2008 calendar for it has been made with a fluorescent colour scheme and a motif of nocturnal elements that elaborate its image and underscore it as an exciting experience. Seek more


This food menu for Urban Dezi uses the theme of Bollywood and filmy memes in the way of colours, pictures and quirky quotations Seek More


A popular hangout place for college students which offers great food at reasonable rates. This Tent Card was designed announcing free WiFi for the customers and free gifts


Little Pleasures is a confectionery shop that makes European-style desserts with a focus on chocolate and mocha. Therefore, we used dessert swirls as the main element of the logo. The font used appears as though its been piped on through an icing cone.


The Orient Express was a Chinese takeaway. We decided to make it stand out by creating a logo in the authentic red and black Chinese colours. The logo features an orientalised font wherein the O and E are conjoined in addition to a top shot of a soup bowl and chopsticks. The font has been extended as watermarks on the stationery. Seek More


Gelatissimo is an ice cream brand in Bengaluru specialising in authentic Italian gelato and intended for the young and fun-loving. The logo designed for it features an ice-cream swirl within the O to give it an appetising feel. Seek More


Baker’s Café is a premium confectionery located in Shillong. It holds pride of place as the producer of an exquisite range of cakes and pastries. The logo and identity design accentuated the product offering. The on-shop signage was a 3D cutout in wood of a loaf of bread.


Seek more


Imperio is a recently launched banquet/conference hall in the heart of the city. The logo designed for it is in the shape of a large I in gold with the negative elements in black and grey on either side depicting the floorplan of the hall. Seek More


Avalanche is an event management Company. Seek More


Rukmani Amar Aangan is a senior citizens’ home set up on Diamond Harbour Road in Kolkata. It is a pioneer in this field, being the first such home with world class facilities. The logo we designed for it used a font that was easy to read against a bright green background. It also features sillhouettes of birds: one within the green box in white and one having broken free to the outside in green. Seek More