From 0 to 010: it’s designed by numbers

IT & Finance


Keynote is financial advisory company involved in the entire gamut of financial analytics and data services. The corporate brochure we created for it showcases the various elements of a financial advisory company, its teamwork and how it deals with competition and the drive to succeed. Appropriate sporting images were sourced as metaphors for strength, focus etc and we used red to highlight and unite the various sections.

Atlanta Global Advisors

Atlanta Global Advisors is a boutique M&A advisory with a focus on the IT sector. With 20 years of experience, the Company has achieved success through a worldwide network of partners motivated to help clients create global businesses on sound corporate strategy. Seek more

Ace Acoustics

ACE is an acoustics management company based in Kolkata. The corporate profile we created for it used a purple and black colour scheme with images of events and acoustic equipment displayed at appropriate intervals throughout. Seek more

LSI Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

LSI Financial Services has been providing innovative financial solutions to Indian corporates for over a decade. Its structured financial products spanning various sectors are designed to add value to their clients’ financial supply chains and ensure an efficient management of capital. The brochure that was created for it visually communicates the idea that LSI offers its knowledge and expertise to help their clients make their money grow. It uses various games of strategy to depict this and this idea has also been adapted onto a hoarding. Seek more

Core Projects & Technologies Ltd.

Core Projects & Technologies Ltd. is one of India's fastest growing IT companies with a global outreach that reaches both developed and emerging markets. The idea for this brochure was born from this worldwide presence and uses the circular logo element to denote the world of IT in motion.

Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

Embee Software is one of India’s leading end-to-end IT solutions providers providing expertise and advisory services in a wide range of technologies to both large and small enterprises. This stall design which was created for it, uses arrows to denote progress and advancement in the clients’ business. Seek More

UTI Bank

UTI Bank changed its name to Axis Bank in 2007. Headquartered in Mumbai, its main focus lies in retail and corporate/wholesale banking. The campaign created to emphasize its presence in Bengal uses the logo mnemonic as a design element.


Linc Pen & Plastics Limited is one of India’s leading manufacturers of ball pens, gel pens and other stationery supplies. This corporate profile for it traces its history back to the colonial trading days in Kolkata and recounts its rise to success.

MaheshwariDatamatics Private Limited

Maheshwari Datamatics Private Limited is one of the largest data processing houses in Eastern India and a leading IT company offering customised software solutions. The brochure featured a computer power on button on its cover. The remainder of the brochure incorporates backgrounds with 1s and 0s that are borrowed from computer binary language to represent a specialisation in software solutions.


Shrachi Securities Ltd is mainly involved in engineering activity but also offers financial services. The corporate profile for this Company is rendered in stylish black with smart typefaces that make for easy readibility.

SKTulsiyan and Company

SK Tulsiyan and Company is a legal firm that specialises in cases of taxation, corporate law and other allied laws. The profile of the Company is designed tastefully using scripty fonts and conservative images related to the legal profession.


Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited is a Company that has been at the very epicentre of infrastructure financing in India. The corporate profile for it features an outline of the firm’s assets and growth index in the context of current trends in the financial sector.