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Corporate Profiles

Belani Group

Belani Group is a construction company that strives to take its ability to create living and working environments to the next level. The brochure employs a typographical wordplay housed in the outline of a cityscape of high rises. With many prestigious real estate projects already under its belt, in this brochure Belani looks to the future with a vision of building not just beautiful real estate but also of bettering lives. Seek More

Presidency University

The Annual Report for Presidency University displays the facade of the historic building to highlight the heritage theme and uses a form from the logo to represent birds in flight, thus highlighting the soaring future of the new University. Seek More


The brochure for the ITC Sonar Spa uses various techniques to impart a sense of relaxation, elegance and luxury. These include paying close attention to the paper and texture. The design uses the frangipani flower as its central theme. The backgrounds have been rendered as the flower creating patterns, like an abstract painting that recurs throughout the brochure.

ITC Limited

ITC has always been conscious of its contribution towards preserving the environment. Its Sustainability Report is an effort at enunciating its ‘passionate respect for the environment’. The brochure was created in shades of green with backgrounds and imagery commensurate to the message at large.

IFB Industries Limited

The 2011–2012 annual report for IFB Industries Limited employs a neat grid of images on its cover, portraying the various products and categories the Company is involved in. The pages within contain sectioned analyses of IFB’s various operational divisions, to convey the overall financial position of the Company. Seek More

Ambootia Tea Group

Ambootia Tea Group is known internationally for its quality teas from their several gardens in Darjeeling. The brochure uses the ladybird which is a part of the company’s logo and is strongly associated with the company’s identity, in an interesting die-cut. Apart from this, fine, silver embossed lines and an illustration technique give the brochure a premium and minimalistic look.


The Oberoi Grand, referred to as the Grande Dame of Chowringhee, is one of Kolkata’s premier hotels and has been for 125 years. The Hotel's Banquet & Conference Planner is rendered in an elegant gold style against a light background with white line illustrations. Pictures of the hotel and menus complete the planner.

MSP Steel & Power Ltd.

MSP Steel & Power Ltd. is one of India’s fastest growing Steel manufacturers. The company profile designed by us encompasses all its business divisions– steel, power generation and rolling mills.

Core Projects & Technologies Ltd.

Core Projects & Technologies Ltd. is one of India’s fastest growing IT companies with a global outreach that reaches both developed and emerging markets. The idea for this brochure was born from this worldwide presence and it uses the circular logo element to denote the world of IT in motion. Blue has been used predominantly in alignment with the logo colour along with red to provide emphasis and contrast.


Keynote is financial advisory company involved in the entire gamut of financial analytics and data services. The corporate brochure we created for it coincided with the time of the 2012 London Olympics so we adapted a theme from the worlwide event to showcase the various elements of a financial advisory company, its teamwork and how it deals with competition and the drive to succeed. Appropriate images were sourced and we used red to highlight and unite the various sections.

InternationalAffairs Watch

The International Affairs Watch is an initiative of the Global India Foundation and is designed as a quarterly publication intended to cover a gamut of contemporary issues from over 50 countries. The concept employed in this brochure touches upon ownership and belonging. Depicting a pair of hands, with the world map overlaid on them, the cover invites you to take the world into your hands.


The 2012–2013 annual report for the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance wanted to emphasise the fact that the India Alliance helps Indian scientists abroad return home to continue their research in world class conditions. To this end we created the concept of returning to one’s roots. The cover line and image reflect this theme as do the colours used in the pages and section dividers inside. Seek More


Green Hive is a division of ABC India Limited, a company with 45 years of logistics experience. It is an initiative to expand services in the logistics industry by offering record management solutions. While the logo connotes speed and motion, the brochure is designed using a beehive as a visual metaphor for storage and warehousing. The craft paper base using recycled paper, signifies that Green Hive is an eco-conscious company.


Visa Aviation Limited (VAL) was established in Kolkata in 2007. It is involved in the business of chartering aircraft and helicopters to corporate and government clients as well as individuals. The corporate brochure we created for it is a smart four-page foldout in corporate black with images and specifications inside. The cover features a neat line illustration of an aeroplane against a word cloud of terms relating to aviation. Seek More

Jain Group of Industries

The Jain Group of Industries is involved in the areas of infrastructure development, steel manufacturing and power generation. At the time the brochure was created, they had recently begun operations and the manufacturing unit was being set up. The representative images are futuristic, line illustrations against abstract backgrounds. Each image depicts an act of construction that touches upon building relationships and connecting lives/people.

MaheshwariDatamatics Private Limited

Maheshwari Datamatics Private Limited is one of the largest data processing houses in Eastern India and a leading IT company offering customised software solutions. The brochure features a computer power button on its cover. The remainder of the brochure incorporates backgrounds with 1s and 0s that are borrowed from computer binary language to represent a specialisation in software solutions.

Sureka Group

The Sureka Group has diverse business interests across categories such as real estate, rubber and silver jewellery, and information systems. This brochure focuses on construction and likens building properties to creating works of art that will stand the test of time. This treatment, of art and artistry has been continued throughout the brochure from the perspective of creating real estate that will be art pieces of the future.

Century Plyboards (I) Ltd.

Century Plywood is the the country’s leading brand of plywood. It has the distinction of being the manufacturer of the entire range of commercial, marine, concrete, shuttering and decorative products. The idea behind the brochure was “Crafting the Future”. It explored this concept using the visual device of hands, representing both human values and the craftsman-like fine quality of the product itself.

JDJones & Co (P) Ltd.

The brochure for J D Jones is a collage of product images laid out in an interesting and informative style.

Ace Acoustics

ACE is an acoustics management company based in Kolkata. The corporate profile we created for it used a purple and black colour scheme with images of events and acoustic equipment displayed at appropriate intervals throughout.

DarjeelingTea Association

All tea produced in the tea growing areas of India, including Darjeeling, are administered by the Tea Board of India. Darjeeling Tea Association assists the Tea Board in authentication, protection and preservation of Darjeeling Tea. The brochure uses the idea of the five senses relating them to different stages in the processing of tea. The concept touches upon the production, processing and consumption of tea as a sensorial experience.

Kingsley Industries

Kingsley Industries makes industrial tools in collaboration with Kaneng Inc of Canada. The brochure is created using bright colours with insets of the individual products. We attempted to showcase an exhaustive collection of automated and other models in a template that is well-structured and easy to comprehend.


EyeCatchers is a beauty salon with several branches around the city. We added a style quotient to the look and feel of this booklet by adding and enhancing design elements and extending the brand colours throughout the booklet in a tribute to beauty, form and style.


The Thai Spa is a chain of authentic Thai therapeutic spas spread across Kolkata. The idea of this booklet is to pay tribute to internal beauty through the holistic well-being of both body and mind. It uses light, air fonts and colours to evoke a sense of unwinding and relaxation.


A initiative for internal communication. The forum was named Communication Champions Forum, in keeping with that trend, the visuals were taken from superhero emblems and set against stark black to highlight the colours with the Spencer's orange as accent. Seek More


A corporate profile for the group with a folder incorporating the group companies. The concept was that of a banyan tree and the different parts of the tree, roots, trunk, branches etc were extended as metaphors for the companies both visually and textually.

Stylo Maximage

A tribute to the noted printer's new wide format printing technology. It flagged the height and width of the pyramids on the cover while a red fast forward arrow indicated speed and forward thinking technology.


Used the image of a flute to flag Indian music. Different notations were used on the pages as graphic elements and the colours were kept to a muted orange and white taken from the Sa re ga ma logo family.

Macmet India Limited

A brochure focussing on Macmet's global extensions used a speedometer graphic in different colours, from a neon green on the cover that took off from the Macmet colour palette. Green continued in the pagination.

PolarPharma India Limited

An export brochure created for Polar Pharma's latex factory and its condom range. The focus was on safety for a better world. Words relating to safety and protection were used as part of the design both on the cover and inside.

Limtex Group of Industries

Created for the Limtex group of company's this spoke of the tea major's harmony with the elements and related the various divisions of the company to a specific element. The pages ran the gamut of earth, air, water etc, with bold colours and visuals.