...whether we invite or greet, it’s the shape of the heart that makes the difference...


Wedding Card

This set of cards was created for a wedding. It was delivered in the wooden chest shown and derived its main theme from Rajasthani folk art and culture. While the cover is in full colour, the pages inside use a muted but nonetheless tasteful colour scheme. Along with gold highlights, the cards also include a poem by a family member of the bride. Seek More

BirthAnnouncement Card

This card was created for an Annaprasana ceremony. It uses four icons to depict clay, an inkpot, coins and wheat. These are each representative of land, knowledge, wealth and prosperity respectively. Seek More

Birthday Card

This card was for a 60th birthday and because the person was a music aficionado the card was given the shape of an LP record and pasted onto an actual LP to create a sense of authenticity and nostalgia. Seek More

Event Card

This card was created for ITC Sonar and features subtle line drawings of the hotel in red along with inserts featuring text using the same colour scheme. Seek More

Greetings Card

This card was made for the Bengali New Year. Therefore, the swastika, which is an auspicious element in Hinduism, has been used. Seek More