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ITC Limited

ITC’s calendar for 2001 is essentially a tribute to Nature. It draws attention to the degradation and abuse of the Earth by industrial activity through a series of paintings reproduced courtesy of the National Museum. The opposite pages state facts and figures that narrate the impact on the environment. Seek More

Visa Group

Visa is a company with diversified interests in various sectors. The 2008 calendar for Visa pays tribute to the great strategists of the world. Each page discusses the contribution of each and reflects upon Visa’s own formula for success. Seek More

IFB Industries Limited

The 2010 calendar for IFB is like the previous ones but in its case the opposing pages contain product images with short write-ups of the products themselves, expounding the benefits of each. Seek More

Mallcom (India) Ltd.

Mallcom is one of India’s leading personal protective equipment manufacturers. Its 2008 calendar for it reflects on protection stemming from a natural impulse and the theme for this calendar is a union of the two. It uses Mallcom products and merges them with nature (a plant or animal species) to illustrate the idea. Seek More

Embee Software PVT. LTD.

The 2004 calendar for Embee Software interprets IT solutions and services in unique and unusual ways which has been visually represented on the pages with short, formulaic captions that tie up cleverly with the theme. Seek More

Siddha Group

Siddha is a leading real estate company operating primarily in Eastern India. The 2013 calendar for it has the theme “Recreating the changing times”, inspired by the company’s baseline, Recreating Reality. The pages contain interesting optical illusions with relevant captions.

MSP Steel & Power Ltd.

The MSP Group is an organisation that specialises in power and steel manufacturing. Their 2011 calendar was designed to reaffirm the Group’s commitment to quality steel and steel products. Using dramatic black and white photography counterpointed by the Group colours.

LSI Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

LSI is a financial services company. Its 2010 calendar is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It features a series of water colour paintings on hand made paper. In invoking the Lord of success and wisdom, LSI projects greater growth for the future. Seek More


The 2003 Lafarge calendar presents the threat to the planet’s ecosystem in three full colour pages that serve to discuss the effects of climate change on the planet. Seek More

Philips Electronics India Limited

The 1999 calendar for Philips is a based on the various festivals of light celebrated in India. Through eye-catching images, the calendar touches upon light as an instrument of celebration, rejuvenation and hope. Seek More

Wires&Fabriks Ltd.

Headquartered in Jaipur, Wires & Fabriks Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of paper machine clothing in India. The 2006 calendar that was created for it used the theme of wildlife and each page expounded the particular positive quality of a species in a resonance of the values that the Company holds dear.


Botox is an American brand used in the cosmetic treatment of frown lines and wrinkles. The 2004 calendar for it recognises beauty as the essential quality of universal human nature. It does this by paying tribute to good looking people throughout history, such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Gary Cooper etc.


CM Flowmeters manufactures gauges to measure oxygen in pathological applications and gas delivery in diverse applications. The task was to create a calendar that would flag hard work without being overtly industrial, but yet be easy on the eye. The result, a calendar that showed Vishwakarma, the Hindu god of artisans, using a folk art technique.


This calendar as created for Anjika. It was given as a gift at an event called Meihourol, conducted jointly by it and the Government of India—Ministry of Human Resource Development. The symbol on the cover was created specifically for Meihourol and continued throughout the pages of the calendar. Seek More


Venom is a nightclub in Kolkata. The 2008 calendar for it has been made with a fluorescent colour scheme and a motif of nocturnal elements that elaborate its image and underscore it as an exciting experience.

Wysiwyg Communications Private Limited

A calendar for Wysiwyg Communications Private Limited that focusses on the designer’s best friend: colour! Weaving a tale of 12 bright months with graphic designs and interesting stories about colour, like, for example, the blue blood of a crab. This was a calendar designed to keep forever. Seek More