The earth without Art is just eh!


Sanskriti Ceramics is an open air studio in Maihar. It is a subsidiary of Gallery Sanskriti. In the logo the blue portion originates from the existing logo for Gallery Sanskriti, while the surrounding element is a clay pot. Seek more


Anjika is an institute of Manipuri dance. In order to design the logo for it, we have employed the anji, an auspicious symbol. It also incorporates a duality via both the Manipuri script as well as the colours used which have been derived from the art form Anjika explores. Seek more

BirlaAcademy of Art & Culture

Birla Academy of Art & Culture has been an established centre of cultural, artistic and educational activities in Kolkata since 1966, with a principal emphasis on visual and performing arts. A set of invitation cards and posters has been designed for their annual exhibition each year. Seek more


Kavita Poddar is an expert in floral art. Based in Kolkata, she is well known internationally. The website we created for her therefore is reminiscent of natural, floral attributes. Tasteful motifs are used as backgrounds that cumulatively create the effect of navigating through a real flower show.