Scarlet Splendour

Scarlet Splendour Logo

Collaterals for the launch of Scarlet Splendour, an uber luxe design collective. The name is evoked through the base colour and regal Tudor rose logo.

Scarlet Splendour Stationary

Scarlet Splendour Invite

The invitation to the Milan showing of the organisation's first collection contrasts the black and white of the collection with the brand colours.

Scarlet Splendour e-invite

The emailer for the invitation to the showing in Milan.

Scarlet Splendour Packaging

A gift box designed to hold a silk scarf. The opening flap features the invitation and carries on the contrast of scarlet and black and white, from the collection announcement to the tissue lining adorned with the rose motif.

Scarlet Splendour Website

The webpages displaying Scarlet Splendour's Vanilla Noir and Luce Naga collections, focussing on the objects d'art.