Brand Communication

Roxx–Pure-Lock Catalogue

This catalogue was designed for ROXX Pure Lock. It neatly displays the entire Pure Lock range of products, interspersed by images of the ROXX brand lady.

Roxx-Cricket World Cup Flyer

This pocket size flyer with the Cricket World Cup fixtures was designed for ROXX.

Roxx–Display Banner

Roxx–Brand Ad

The Roxx advertisement for winter showcases the Steel flask range.

Roxx–Brand Ad

Roxx–Magazine Ad

Roxx–Concertina Folder

Roxx–Bus Branding


Roxx–Brand Ads for Magazines

This campaign for Roxx shows the woman of the house enjoying Roxx products with a sense of pride and ownership. The campaign is showcased across media–press, outdoor and POPs.






Roxx–HGH Letter and Standee


Roxx–Store Branding

Roxx–Inshop Panels


Roxx–Brand Ads

ROXX Pure Lock advertisements for Good Housekeeping with visual metaphors using fruit to connote the security and freshness provided by the Pure Lock containers.

Roxx–Brand Ads for Magazines

This campaign positions Roxx as a brand that celebrates life everyday. It uses the grid design in various colours to highlight product benefits along with lifestyle images. The communication design was extended across media–press, outdoor, catalogue, POPs and packaging.

Roxx–Bags and Drop Down

The bags use chequers on one side with descriptive words and a yellow band and visual on the other. The drop downs continue the cheerful lifestyle look showing products in use.

Roxx–Packaging and Dangler


An attractive lifestyle visual flanked by a collage of Roxx products with an eyecatching yellow panel featuring the Roxx logo.

Roxx–Standees and Kiosks

The colourful lifestyle look of the Roxx outdoor media is maintained and underlined by different colour flashes.



Lifestyle visuals engage the attention and draw the viewer in. The Roxx name is flashed on a band of colour underlined by the products beneath.


These ads for Roxx showcase Pure Steel and Glassware products with the copy incorporated into the visual for maximum effect.

Roxx–All Product Catalogue

The brochure is designed as a celebration of the everyday life of the housewife. Neat design templates and youthful colours are used to showcase the entire gamut of Roxx products. A tiled approach makes for a simple and easy-to-read format.

Roxx–Purelock Leaflet

Roxx–Mood Catalogue

Roxx products displayed and flagged with different colours in a fold out leaflet. Emphasis is given to the new Opal and Elektra range.

Roxx–Beverage Range

Striking designs created by the Wysiwyg designers to lend colour and attractiveness to ROXX's streamlined beverage sets.

Roxx–Beverage Set Packaging

The cartons for Roxx beverage sets with brightly coloured, a pattern was created with stirrers. 3 cartons were designed for this range, each one displaying new beverage set designs and colour coded accordingly.

Roxx–Tumbler Set Packaging

Cartons for Roxx tumblers also have the stirrer pattern. A new range of colour was used for the tumbler set packagings.

Roxx–Glassware Labels

These labels were created for Roxx glassware. While the carafe features an aqua element, the jar labels feature dry foods to cue their usefulness.

Roxx–Pure Steel Packaging

The new packaging for Roxx Pure Steel flasks highlights the dual benefits of the product.

Roxx–Pure Steel Packaging

A Roxx Pure steel carton with the steel product offset by a solid red patch, blue top flap and usage depictions.

Roxx–Wagon Logo, Itinerary and Certificate

Roxx–Wagon Letter and Standee

Roxx–Wagon Standees

The Roxx Wagon is an annual meet of Roxx dealers. These standees were created for its 2013 jaunt in which New Delhi and Tashkent were the venues. They feature large images of architectural monuments representative of each city against a blue background to cue the future and new possibilities.

Roxx–Wagon Stationery


Roxx is a tableware brand owned by East Coast Distributors Pvt Ltd. We created packaging for its glass cookware range that showcases appropriate pictures within a grid layout that enhances its tidiness and appeal.

Roxx–HGH Exhibition Stall

Roxx Exhibition stall branded in the bright Roxx colours with the ECD logo flagged by flash strips in different colours featuring the Roxx models. The ECD and ROXX logos are used in a continuous strip.

Roxx–Exhibition Stall

Roxx–Exhibition Stall


Roxx–Visiting Card