IFB Industries Limited

IFB Appliances

The Home Appliances Division was started in 1991 with the vision to revolutionise the way Indians live. Seek More

IFB Agro

IFB’s Agro division retails marine products specially frozen using the advanced IQF process. This leaflet was designed for the Fresh Catch range of frozen seafood. Seek More

IFB Automotive

IFB Ultramiles is a brand of chain and sprockets kit by IFB. The packaging we created for it was in the form of this box label that was product led with a strong, identifiable architecture that was thereafter extended to other communication such as posters, brochures etc. Seek More

IFB Travel Systems

IFB Travel Systems is a part of the IFB Group and caters travel services to many locations around the globe. This standee, leaflet and envelope were designed for it, using the backdrop of a collection of international locales, merged into one composite picture. In keeping with the IFB tradition, red is the dominant colour used. Seek More