New Town School

New Town School–Logo

The logo of NTS School uses four different elements with symbolic meaning. The apple is a symbol of enlightenment and nurturing. The light bulb, the symbol of inspiration. The pen is mightier than the sword. The gear is a tool that has moved the world. Together they represent the crossroads of education that NTS stands for.

New Town School—Prospectus

New Town School—Prospectus

A communication for a new school which began from the logo. Taking the four elements of education and inspiration for its thought and four primary colours, backed by the unique building, the entire communication centred on the logo, its colours, the school property and children. It also highlights the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

New Town School—Forms Booklet

New Town School—Double spread Press Ad

New Town School—Hoarding

New Town School—Notebooks

The exercise books and notebooks designed for NTS students play with the logo elements. One set evokes the traditional brown covered workbooks with inspirational quotes derived from the logo elements.

New Town School—Eco-friendly Bags

The jute bag designed for the school reinforces NTS's eco-friendly character through the material used and the message printed on it.

New Town School—Stationary

The stationery for the school ensures the logo is displayed boldly on a white background with the envelope flap and lining providing contrast. For the notebook cover, practicality dictates the choice of colour.

New Town School—Admissions Admit Card

New Town School—Press Ad

New Town School–Ad

The ad for the new principal. The words of the advertisement wittily encapsulates the search and the type of head teacher the institution is looking for. A man of principles.

New Town School–Ad