Reggio Emillion

Reggio Emillion–Web Banners

These posters and web banners were created for Reggio Emilion’s flagship store in london. They use elements of the brand—European pedigree, elan, contemporary style—to create tasteful designs printed on canvas.

Reggio Emillion–Posters

Reggio Emillion–Posters

Reggio Emillion–Web

This website is an online retail portal for Reggion Emillion and is created stylishly with panels that showcase the Reggio Emillion winged lion in all its repsplendent glory and carefully custom-tailored webpage designs.

Regggio Emillion–Stationery

This elegantly created stationery uses delicate fonts in complement to a golden winged lion of Reggio Emillion. The set features an envelope, visiting card and letetrhead.