Carry visuals of royalty taken from Indian art on one side, set against the burgundy and orange background. On the other, the brand name is flagged with an ethnic border taken from an Orly design.


The invitation to an Orly event using the brand colours and setting the tone of royalty by traditional designs from Rajput haveli walls. The elaborate serif font adds to the traditional air.


Carrybag and tag for Orly's party wear series. Neon colours in violet and blue and a dancing form are set against black where the brand name is echoed. The effect is young and stylish.


The character of an informal wear line is underscored by the informal type and the slash of red across the A. Leaping figures on a white band border the central ochre band which carries the brand message in the carrybag. The tag reverses the colour use of the bag.


Dali is a men's clothing brand from the fashion house of Orly. The logo created for it is in a simple typographical style. The distinguishing element in it is the red stroke, inspired by the moustache of Salvador Dali.