ROXX–Mood Catalogue

Roxx–All Product Catalogue

The brochure is designed as a celebration of the everyday life of the housewife. Neat design templates and youthful colours are used to showcase the entire gamut of Roxx products. A tiled approach makes for a simple and easy-to-read format.


Imported into India by East Coast Distributors, Noritake is a premium dinnerware brand that has been around since 1904. Of Japanese origin, its vintage ceramic and fine bone crockery is treasured as dinnerware of utmost quality. The catalogue employs subtle, elegant forms and designs and includes colour coded single page product leaflets that showcase the entire range in a format that is both stylish and reader friendly.


Imported into India by East Coast Distributors, Crystalex is a Czech brand of fine crystalware products that are a benchmark of excellence. The product catalogue has colour coded sections showcasing the elegant crystal glasses with tasteful mood shots appropriate to each type.