Siddha Lakeville

The concept for the new Siddha property, Siddha Lakeville, came from the fact that a lake formed the centrepoint of the property. This inspired the entire communication both in terms of the colour palette, the text and the visuals, which were extended to all the print items, from hoardings to ads to brochures.

Siddha Happyville

Siddha Happyville is a sprawling Siddha residential project positioned as a home for cheerful people. As a result, the smile element has been derived from its logo and applied thematically towards creating the brochure. The style is illustrative, provoking the imagination and allowing for the use of eye-catching shapes and colours.

Siddha Pines

Siddha Pines is another residential project from the house of Siddha and is conceived as a landscaped green oasis far from the bustle of the city. The brochure uses a green theme to showcase the project with interesting swirls of green as backgrounds that are reminiscent of pine trees.

Siddha Pine Woods

Siddha Pine Woods is an extension of Siddha Pines. It is the picture of an idyllic existence, far from the humdrum of the inner city and in the vicinity of all the conveniences of urban living. The main design element of the brochure’s cover, which is rendered in an embossed UV coating, is a cross section of a pine tree, cueing comfortable, ecofriendly residences that speak to the heart of good living and nature’s bounty.

Siddha Town Rajarhat

Siddha Town Rajarhat is positioned as “High Living at Low Cost”. The booklet is presented in virbrant colours using attractive design elements that appeal to young, urban professionals. The Siddha red dot has been treated as a design element throughout.

Siddha Town Madhyamgram

The brochure for Siddha Town Majarhat features a foil printed cover using an element borrowed from the logo. The idea of the lotus design is also involved in the overall concept: “Amidst this world, lies a heaven”. The inner pages showcase the property with full page actual photos thematic text and 3D floorplans.

Siddha Aangan Villas

Siddha Aangan Villas is located in Jaipur. The brochure uses various traditional Rajasthani elements in the Siddha circles to create a picture of life at Siddha Aangan Villas. The overall concept is balanced upon the thought of taking pride in one’s home; an idea that presents itself in various ways throughout the brochure.

Siddha Aangan Heights

This brochure is similar to the one for Siddha Aangan Villas. In it, traditional Rajasthani wood-carved birds have been used as a metaphor throughout. The idea stems from the concept of birds being representative of living at great heights. In this way Siddha Aangan Heights is been presented as the ideal home for those who want to nestle their dreams for the future.