ITC Limited


The monthly newsletter of ITC’s Sangeet Research Academy, Parampara focuses on Indian classical music. The cover of each newsletter features its main story while the pages are designed in a conservative style with tasteful shades.

ITC–Tribeni Times

ITC’s Paperboards, Paper & Packaging division, Tribeni Tissues’s newsletter is called Tribeni Times. Because the company’s Udaan initiative was introduced at the same time, the graphic developed for it has been carried through as an architectural element of the newsletter. Another issue of the Tribeni Times, this showcases the workplace safety and has been designed using bright, eye-catching colours for highlights and sections in order to draw in attention more easily. The cover background is a collection of various signs and symbols relating to workplace safety.

ITC–Tribeni Times

This pages of this newsletter for Tribeni Tissues have been designed colourfully, using both illustrational elements and pictures from Tribeni events, creating a lively pot pouri of fun and excitement.