Town Rajarhat Leaflet

This back-to-back leaflet for Siddha Town Rajarhat was printed in both English and Bengali in order to cater to the target audience properly. It uses the roundel of the Siddha logo as a design element that is applied to explaining the project’s details efficiently. The picture used cues family happiness and home security.

Town Madhyamgram Leaflet

This back-to-back leaflet was created for Siddha Town Madhyamgram in both English and Bengali. It communicates a simple lucky draw promotion for new homeowners in the residential project in which the winner drives home in a new car. It features the Siddha roundel as icons expounding the offer along with a road map.

Bougainvilla Leaflet

Bougainvilla is a residential property from the prestigious house of Siddha. The purple colour of the flower has been applied to this leaflet. A neat and uncluttered design gives it a pleasant, accessible look.