Siddha Eden–Lakeville

Siddha Aangan–Stationery

Siddha Aangan is located in Jaipur and positioned as having a warm, traditional appeal. The logo that was created uses an arch borrowed from traditional Rajasthani architecture to create a sense of heritage and belonging.

Siddha Pines–Stationery

Siddha Pines is another prominent property from Siddha. To create the logo for it we have used an iconic illustration of a pine tree and merged it with typography. The sketchy tone of the logo is continued in other communication.

Siddha Happyville–Stationery

Siddha Happyville is a sprawling residential project positioned as a home for cheerful people. The logo magnifies this thought.

Siddha Pines Woods–Stationery

Siddha Pine Woods was created as a further residential project within Siddha Pines itself. The logo for it is a simple rendering of the Siddha Pines logo with Woods added to it in a woody font colour and type.

Siddha Xanadu–Signages