Event Card– Dinner & Cocktail

Event Card–Sonar

Event Card–Ethnic Design Wear

This card was for Ekru, a design label. It uses a collection of pictures of models in ethnic designer wear.

Event Card–Handmade Paper

This card was created for Faboutique and uses a neat design approach with the text in an earthy brown matched by the handmade paper envelope.

Event Card–Illustrated Elements

This card was created for Onset, a furnishings, accessories and fashion fabrics brand. It was in a foldout style with illustrated elements against a lightly printed background.

Event Card–French Theme

This series of inset cards was created for Vizyon on high quality paper. It uses a French theme on ecru backgrounds and included a bookmark.

Event Card–Colourful Panels

This was a card for JD Jones inviting dealers to Paperex 2011. The card showed pictures of the product range along with other colourful panels describing them.

Event Card–Double Fold

This card was for Master Minood, a modern day spiritualist from South India. It is rendered in sober shades of blue and white and uses a sepia picture of him.

Event Card–Customised Fold

This card was made for Anjika and follows an unconventonal foldout style with small line illustrations in white for emphasis and effect.

Event Card–Feather Element

This card was made for Anjika’s season performance, Ishano, the Black Swan. It uses the feather element to set the tone with the inside containing a short descriptive story on the legend of the Black Swan.

Event Card–Interlocking Teeth

This card was created for Anjika and is rendered in grey in a foldout style with interlocking teeth cut out into the paper.

Event Card–Famous artworks

This card was an invitation to a Dandiya even and featured colourful exuberance commensurate with the occasion itself. It also featured artworks by famous artists.

Event Card–White Sillhouetes

This card was created for Anjika in shades of red and orange using figure silhouettes in white to denote the swirling dance form.

Event Card–Logo

This card was created for the Birla Academy of Art and Culture’s 42nd Annual Exhibition. The cover featured a large representation of the Academy’s logo/crest while the inner pages were rendered in tasteful typography against a subtly printed background.