Wedding Card–Floral Theme

This card was designed for an engagement ceremony. It uses the flower as a central element to draw attention and communicate elegance and grace. The letters AJ are derived from the initials of the bride and groom. Finally, the cover of the card is hand-finished with miniature crystals.

Wedding Card–Alpana Pattern

This wedding card employs an Alpana pattern rendered in gold and bright colours to showcase the especially auspicious occasion.

Wedding Card–Initials

This card for a wedding reception fuses the initials of the bride and groom to create a design element.

Wedding Card–Ethnic Motif

This wedding card was created employing an Alpana pattern which also features tastefully in the background.

Wedding Card–Madhubani Style

This wedding card was created using paintings depicting wedding scenes in the Madhubani art style.

Wedding Card–Om

This card was for a reception and dinner and printed in a soft, orange shade with the Om as the prominent central element.

Wedding Card–Gopuram and Historical Allusion

This card was created for a South Indian wedding so features a Gopuram, an ornate archway typically at the entrance of South Indian temples. The one we have created shows the different stages of the wedding in a tiered format. The reception card derives inspiration from the names of the bride and groom (Sanjukta and Prithviraj) and features an illustration alluding to the historical story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanjukta.

Wedding Card–Celtic Knot

This wedding card merges the initials of the bride and groom in a mnemonic that is applied as the main element of the design. A Celtic knot houses the mnemonic set against a subtle background.

Wedding Card–Koranic Mnemonic

Text has been reproduced from the Koran in this wedding card. Furthermore, a lacquer seal has been made of the mnemonic, imparting a sense of solemnity.

Wedding Card–Vedic Scripture

This wedding card showcases the seven stages of the Hindu wedding, laid out in a scripture form and with Indian miniature paintings.

Wedding Card–Urdu Caligraphy

This card was designed for a wedding ceremony and used Urdu script on the cover and unconventional colours for the cards and envelopes.

Wedding Card–Natural Dye

This card was for a reception and uses an illustrative style in natural dyes on handmade paper.