Siddha Group

Siddha Lakeville

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Siddha Happyville

The smile element has been derived from the Siddha Happyville logo and applied thematically towards creating the brochure. The style is illustrative, provoking the imagination and allowing for the use of eye-catching shapes and colours. Seek More

Siddha Pines

This campaign was created for Siddha Pines. Its ‘Live afresh’ proposition seeks to transform people’s lives through the promise of natural goodness. Seek more

Siddha Pine Woods

Siddha Pine Woods is an extension of Siddha Pines. It is the picture of an idyllic existence, far from the humdrum of the inner city and in the vicinity of all the conveniences of urban living. The main design element of the brochure’s cover, which is rendered in an embossed UV coating, is a cross section of a pine tree, cueing comfortable, ecofriendly residences that speak to the heart of good living and nature’s bounty. Seek more

Siddha Xanadu

Siddha is one the most well respected names in the real estate industry in Eastern Indian. With a long string of successful and prestigious residential and commercial projects under its belt, Siddha Xanadu is yet another sparkling jewel in the crown of the Company. The brochure is designed in black to impart a contemporary quality to it with thematic images juxtaposed with actual photos of the elevation and pictures of premier facilities. Seek more

Siddha Town

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Siddha Mission Earth

Siddha Mission Earth is a CSR initiative by Siddha. It’s objective is to plant 50,000 trees by 2015. Apart from this, it is also involved in Environment Day rallies, imparting environmental awareness to school children and events and efforts to promote the cause of green living. Seek more

Siddha Group–Tactical Campaign

This ad and hoarding were created for Siddha on the occasion of Diwali, celebrating short distances to important landmarks in and around the city. It uses a typographical style with a specially created unit to communicate a special Diwali offer. Seek more

Siddha Aangan

The brochure theme was developed into a mass media campaign. Seek more

Siddha Bougainvilla

Bougainvilla was planned as another residential property from the prestigious house of Siddha that derives its abstract sense from the flower itself to connote freshness and nature.

Siddha–Safety Posters