Exide Industries


The sticker and carton design for these batteries uses a bold red and black colour palette. The dynamic lines emphasise the vast power storage of these batteries.



Ceil Premium

The design for these batteries and cartons use concentric circles with a leaf symbol in the name to connote energy savings.

Ceil Premium


Inva Blue IB 5000

The sticker for this battery uses neat edges and straight lines to denote smooth transmission of energy and effortless performance. Seek More

Inva Tubular IT 400

As a slimmer battery, the sticker design for it uses a contrast of light blue and red to signify clean energy, creating patterns that highlight its best features as depicted in icons. Seek More

Inva Red IR 300+

This battery uses a dynamic red colour to denote its power and stamina. The wide horizontal lines are evocative of this stability and reliable performance. Seek More

Inva Gold IG 500

This battery uses a gold sticker to stand out and contrast it with a bold black to add a sense of quality and the promise of matchless performance.

Power Safe

These Powersafe cartons use an element of its logo to complete the design in white and light blue to impart a sense of reliable performance and quality.