Mallcom (India) Ltd.

Mallcom–Hand Cards

These were hand cards designed as part of Mallcom's product packaging.


The 2009 calendar for Mallcom speaks about protection in a wider theme. Over and above personal protection equipment, Mallcom finds that the protection of the earth, trees, rivers and other natural assets is paramount to safety in the larger sense.


The 2010 calendar for Mallcom has an interesting theme. It looks at all the various superstitions around the world regarding the warding off of evil or bad luck. As a manufacturer of personal protection equipment, it is a pertinent reflection.


Mallcom (India) Ltd. has been India’s premier manufacturer, exporter and distributor of Personal Protective Equipment since 1983. This was a brochure designed for safety masks.

Mallcom–Invitation Card

This card was created for Mallcom’s silver jubilee anniversary and was printed appropriately in silver to emphasise the occasion’s significance.

Mallcom–Signature Logo and Certificate

We designed a dealer certificate and a signature logo to commemorate 25 years of Mallcom.

Mallcom–Panoply Handcards

These colourful handcards were created for mallcom to distribute with their products at retail and dealer oints in order for them to promote their Panoply product.

Mallcom–Exhibition Panels

These exhibition panels showcase Mallcom’s Tiger product, ie its safety, protective footwear. Other products are also featured, namely for the hand, head and body. These are prominently displayed using a vibrant colour palette. In particular, yellow is a colour associated with safety and personal protection products.

Mallcom–Exhibition Panels

Eyecatching exhibition panels using solid colours from the Mallcom colour palette offset against application photographs.