JVL Sunflower Oil

The packaging focuses on the product colours and juxtaposes the origin of the oil with the most popular dish, using a droplet curve as point of focus.

JVL Royal–Tins

JVL–Jhoola Rice Packaging

The pack design for Jhoola long grain premium rice focusses on the goodness of the grains and is backed by the colours green and yellow to add nature and harvest cues.

JVL–Jhoola Rice Packaging

JVL–Royal Rice Packaging

JVL Royal premium basmati rice is displayed in all its pristine luxury with a dish set against the lush countryside.

JVL–Payal Rice Packaging

Targetted at the lower income group, the packaging for Payal rice displays the product in all its simplicity and sets it against a green paddy visual with strong yellow background.

JVL–Payal Rice Packaging

JVL–Jhoola Sunlite Packaging

JVL–Jhoola POP

These shelf stickers were created with a composite of the Jhoola branding and image of a happy family. They are used along with cardboard shelves that prominently display the Jhoola oil pouches.

JVL–Jhoola AD

This magazine ad showcases the happy family, enjoying quality living by using liht and healthy Jhoola cooking oil. The Choolo aasman ko proposition is prominently displayed, positioning Jhoola as the vehicle to better living.

JVL–Jhoola Hoarding

This main purpose of this Jhoola hoarding is to project the idea of happy and healthy living through the visual device of a happy family. The golden sunflower oil element communicates happinesss, health and premium quality.

JVL–Jhoola Signage

This design was created for the purpose of adorninf the shutters of retailers/distributors with the Jhoola branding. In a neutral red, it used a vibrant yellow to prominently display the Jhoola branding and copy. The logo is also featured smartly in the top left hand corner.

JVL–Jhoola Danglers

These Jhoola danglers were created in a sunflower shape to display at retail points. They use the happy Jhoola family with the range of pouches on one side and the golden sunflower design with the Jhoola branding. The danglers exist in both English and Hindi.

JVL–Jhoola Inshop Signage

This Jhoola inshop signage was for retail points such as supermarkets. It uses a prominent, yellow background for maximum presence in abrightly lit environment.

JVL–Jhoola Tin Labels

These labels were created for Jhoola Refined Palmolein, Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil and Refined Soyabean Oil. Each of them uses a neat, recognisable design in conjunction with tempting food images. Each is colour coded, making them instantly distinctive.

JVL–Royal Oil Packaging

These pouches design were for JVL Royal. The ones for Mustard Oil use the colour purple as this is the typical colour of royalty. In both designs the swoosh element enhances readability and anchors the design proportionally. The design for the Soya Bean pouch is almost identical to the one for Mustard Oil, except that it is in green and uses a different platter of food as its visual.


These shelf stickers were created for Jhoola Royal. They uses the twin Jhoola packs with the splash of golden oil in conjunction with a brightly lit background. The pouches are placed on the shelves in columns in bright yellow card stuffers.

JVL–Royal Tin Labels

The tin labels has been adapted from the pouch designs which uses top down view of a plate of appetising fare to entice the viewer against a golden background that creates the effect of oil rippling under the plate.

JVL–Royal AD

These JVL Royal ads use a festive appeal with rangoli and sparkling lights in the background to project the brand and its light, healthy proposition.

JVL–Royal Hoarding

These JVL Royal hoarding is an adaptation of the magazine ad with the purple branding underscored by the Royal name for maximum effect.

JVL–Royal Signage

This JVL Royal signage was created for the shutters of retail points. It’s bright purple and yellow contasts ensures maximum attraction of attention with a Royal branding strip showcasing the twin pouches above.

JVL–Royal Danglers

This JVL Royal danglers are adapted from the hoarding in a golden background that brings the clear, healthy, flowing nature of the premium cooking oil to life at points of retail.

JVL–Royal Inshop Signage

This JVL Royal signage was created to be displayed at supermarkets. It uses the purple and yellow brand colours in conjunction with other branding to announce the presence and benefit of the cooking oil at checkout counters.

JVL–Super bake Packaging

JVL Oils uses its by-products to manufacture baked shortenings, the carton for which has been designed by us.

JVL–Payal Packaging

Payal is a brand of refined vegetable oil from the house of JVL Oils. The tin label we created for it showed off the best aspects of the oil by rendering a yellow background that seamlessly continues into an image of samosas being fried in golden oil.