Privy–Menu Cards and Stationaries

Privy–Invitation Cards

These invitation cards are for Privy and involve various different D hosted events, each with its own attraction and modalities. The first is for a show by international DJ Jem K and features her picture as its central element. The second is a cricket promotion and clearly places Privy as the place to watch live matches in the upcoming season. The third card is for the Spintwins, a twin sister DJ act and uses a psychedelic spiral background to create the appropriate effect. The last card is for DJ Kelly Marie. The card is predominantly in black and uses red to create the effect of excitement and energy.

Privy–Logo and Stationaries

Privy is a lounge cum nightclub in Forum Mall on Elgin Road. We designed its logo and entire launch communication, including signages and standees, in a sophisticated black colour scheme, denoting the nocturnal nature of the nightclub.