Urban Desi

Urban Dezi—Food Menu

This food menu for Urban Dezi uses the theme of Bollywood and filmy memes in the way of colours, pictures and quirky quotations.

Urban Dezi—Facebook Cover

Urban Dezi—Happy Hour Tent Card

A three part card highlights the happy hour offer through the use of appropriately 'filmi' lines and font, in keeping with the Urban Dezi brand character.

Urban Dezi—Liquor Menu

This liquor menu was created for Urban Dezi, a popular Kolkata bar and lounge, using a colourful Bollywood theme that features several stereotypical visual elements for emphasis and effect.

Urban Dezi—Puja Menu

This colourful menu was specially designed for Urban Dezi’s Puja promotion. It uses several festive elements to highlight the theme in conjunction with eye-catching colours.

Urban Dezi–Facebook

Urban Dezi–Tent Card & Posters

Urban Dezi–Tent Card & Posters

Urban Dezi–Hoarding

The eyecatching hoarding designed for Urban Dezi's hookah happy hour. It uses the pink, green and yellow Bollywood colours that characterise the place along with the logo in the centre.

Urban Dezi–Poster

An adaptation of the hoarding featuring the hookah and 1 for 1 offer.

Urban Desi–Logo and Stationaries

Urban Desi is a restaurant with an open air lounge area serving hookah, in Fort Knox Mall on Camac Street.

Urban Desi–Campaigns

Urban Desi–Campaigns