Soho bistro & Soho Patisserie

Soho Bistro–Logo

Soho Bistro uses a soothing Mediterranean aquamarine, in sync with their signature cuisine.

Soho Bistro–Standee

Soho Patisserie–Logo and Packaging

This red box was created for Soho Patisserie using a background of various patterns representing different types of confection, all inspired by the swirl that is the central element in Soho’s logo.

Soho Bistro and Patisserie–Signage

Soho Patisserie & Bistro–Signages

Soho Bistro–Signage

Soho Bistro and Patisserie–Interior

Soho Bistro and Patisserie–Interior

Soho Patisserie & Bistro–Restaurant

Soho Patisserie–Restaurant