ITC–India Kings


Another feather in ITC's cap:the launch of EON, the first Indian disposable e-cigarette. Available in regular and mint variants. The globe like circle is the linchpin of the design.

ITC–Gold Flake Limited Edition

ITC Limited ITC limited is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata and the largest tobacco company in the country. This is a limited edition variant (LEV) for ITC's famous brand Gold Flake brand, featuring elements of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

ITC–Classic Tins

A series of 3 cigarette tins created for the Classic brand using the iconic horse motif at 3 different angles for the variants to connote balanced, rich and refined taste. The curved edges innovated a new shoulder box design.


Being the premier nicotine producer in the market, Kwiknic is ITC’s revolutionary launch of sensation gums. The name is a combination of nicotine and quick. As a result, the pack uses speedy graphics as a visual attribute of quick. Two variants have been created, Paan and Mint, and colour coded in red and cool blue.


In this Classic pack the centre alignment was changed to a left-right alignment with a mnemonic created in the golden ratio. Thus a new architecture to the Classic pack was created which also features the Blue Leaf symbol in a smaller rectangle.

ITC–Classic Menthol

This variant for Classic Menthol was designed with a burst of colour denoting flavour. The black pack was the first of its kind for the Classic range, dramatically improving its shelf throw.

ITC–Classic Verve

Classic Verve has been designed with the younger generation in mind. It features a futuristic rectangle with added dynamism. Since the cigarettes themselves are slimmer, the pack too is smaller than regular size.

ITC–Gold Flake

The Gold Flake pack was created using the primary medium of the Honeydew Smooth droplet to emphasise the fineness of the tobacco blend. The droplet texture was applied as a subtle background motif on the pack. A limited edition centennial pack was also created. It featured a flowing golden element against a black background to celebrate 100 years of Gold Flake.

ITC–India Kings

These packs were designed for India Kings. Being ITC’s most premium cigarette, the regular pack is rendered in a classic gold background to denote the exclusivity of the brand. It is completed by the map of India and the widely recognised IK letters. A lights variant pack in blue has also been created.


This pack was designed for Insignia, a premium cigarette from the house of ITC. When launched in 2003 it was the most expensive cigarette in the country, replacing India Kings as the Company's premier smoke. The black look and classy WD & HO Wills watermark along with the gold detailed crest, give this pack a strong sense of sophistication and style.

ITC–Navy Cut Limited Edition

We designed a pack to commemorate 40 years of Navy Cut. It featured a dynamic back panel enhanced with a youth factor, the iconic “Made for each other” Navy Cut couple against a backdrop of celebratory elements. Another pack depicts a blown up version of the Navy Cut crest.

ITC–Silk Cut

The design for the Silk Cut Blue pack was a radical blue pack design. The shape of the slug has been applied as a pattern on the background rendering dynamism to the overall appearance.


In this Flake pack design the slug and linear arrowhead have been replaced with a modern, contemporary avatar. The pattern surges across the pack with the arrow element in the centre and the gold element made more dynamic. Different variants use slight variations in the pack design style maintaining the essential central and theme.


In this pack design for Bristol we changed its long-running centre-aligned style to a modernised powerhead that has been blown up and used as a design element.

ITC–Royal, Berkeley & Duke

In Berkeley pack a triangular mnemonic has been extended into a full-bodied pattern to add an element of newness to the brand. Royal was a new brand launched by ITC and features a crown inside the O of Royal while the background is a tartan pattern. The pack for Duke is essentially imbued with a regal bearing that distinguishes it immediately as a pedigree filter tobacco. The coat of arms with the D inside imparts exclusivity to this brand.

ITC–Capstan & Scissors

The pack design for Capstan sees a modernisation of the chevron used graphically as a texture. The Scissors pack was changed from white to silver and the graphic was made more dynamic. A textured graphic was extended to the whole pack.


Surya was ITC’s initial venture into the Nepalese tobacco market in order to elevate its portfolio. The graphic includes a handwritten element that lends a sense of exclusivity to the brand.

ITC–Khukuri & Passport

This Khukuri pack was meant for Nepal and its modernisation saw the addition of blue and gold elements while the khukuri was made more ornamental to increase visibility on the shop shelf. A Diwali version was created with a back of pack Diwali greeting, diyas and rangoli in the shape of a khukuri. The Passport pack has been made more dynamic, modern and contemporary in order to extend ITC’s portfolio in Nepal.


The pack designed for Shikhar employed a new mnemonic derived from its meaning (peak).


These packs was designed for the American market. Ace was a newly launched brand they use a range of colours to denote tobacco strength with design styles that are modern and dynamic.


These packs was designed for the American market. Hi-Val pack was modernised by us.A range of colours to denote tobacco strength with design styles that are modern and dynamic was used.


For the Checkers pack we developed a mnemonic using a detailed crown element that sits at the centre of the design.