My Companion

My Companion–Excercise Book Labels

This label was designed to for My Companion’s Student Exercise Books.

My Companion–Science Project Books

My Companion is a brand of stationery and these science practical books were created for it. It feature neat executions of a bicycle diagram, the table of elements and metamorphosis of a butterfly for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology book covers respectively.

My Companion–Copy Books

These copy books were created for My Companion. The covers use bright images varying from scenes from nature, to interesting patterns and images from popular holiday destinations such as Venice to incease shelf throw and attract attention.

My Companion–Excercise Books

The covers for these notebooks were created using quirky designs and colourful images that make the task of studying or note-taking more interesting.

My Companion– Excercise Books

My Companion–Badges

These badges were created for My Companion with each featuring an interesting elements related to festivity, academics or happiness.

My Companion–Shoulder Bags

This series of shoulder bags was created for My Companion. Printed in plain cream fabric, each depicts a single square image that piques the interest through colour, text or illustration.

My Companion–Shoulder Bags

My Companion–Logo

My Companion is a national-level stationery brand launched by the Shrachi Group. We designed the identity followed by the stationery.

My Companion–Store Signage

This store branding was created for My Companion and uses a simple adaptation of the logo onto the shop’s frontage.

My Companion–Excercise Books

My Companion–Excercise Books in Stores

My Companion–Excercise Books in Stores