GKB Opticals

GKB Opticals–Catalogue

Nova Internal Progressive lenses is one of the products retailed by GKB Opticals. The product catalogue we created for it uses black as the primary background to enhance colour and the aspect of clear vision.

Vision Rx Lab–Communication

This communication was created for Resolution, a stress-free polycarbonate lens retailed by Vision Rx Lab.

Vision Rx Lab–Leaflet

TMC is another optical lens coating that provides anti-reflection, clearer vision.

GKB Opticals–Leaflet

Sunlite is a range of photochromic lenses and one of the many products retailed by GKB Opticals.

GKB Opticals–Leaflets

This series of leaflets was created for GKB Opticals as information leaflets for walk-in customers.

GKB Opticals–Leaflet

We created a 'slim' leaflet for Seiko Thin and Light Progressive Lenses.

GKB Opticals–Posters

These posters were created for Shamir and Gossamer fine lenses.

GKB Opticals–Poster, Dangler and Packaging

This communication was created for Seiko AZ lenses. It uses a night city scene to illustrate the wide-angle benefits of using Seiko AZ lenses.

GKB Opticals–Leaflet

This concertina style leaflet was designed as a mailer to prospective GKB clients in Delhi.

GKB Opticals–Gift Voucher

This gift voucher was created for GKB Opticals's Diwali promotion.

Vision Rx Lab–Logo and Stationaries

We designed the logo and stationery for Vision Rx Lab, the lens manufacturing arm of GKB Opticals.

Vision Rx Lab–Price List

This price list was created for Vision Rx Lab. Meant for circulation among the trade, the pages inside feature tables that list the prices of the various products.

Vision Rx Lab–Catalogue

Vision Rx Lab is the manufacturing arm of GKB Opticals and produces cutting edge optical lenses. An exhaustive product catalogue has been made for it that showcases various lenses and lens technologies in an easy-to-read format with colour-coded tabs that makes navigation simple.