Sumangal–Instore Branding

The Sumangal Annual Sale is an important event in the store calendar. Hype and excitement is created through instore branding and mass media communication.

Sumangal–Offer Campaign

This communication was designed for the particular occasion of Sumangal’s Year End Sale. A play on words has been employed to present it in an abbreviated form as YES.


These two posters were created for winter sale offers at Sumangal.

Sumangal–Instore Branding

This in-store branding was created for Sumangal. Being a men’s apparel store, the surface graphics feature macho objects of desire, such as a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a swiss knife, Mont Blanc pen etc.

Sumangal–Pillar Panels

These pillar panels were created for Sumanagal to present its wedding collection. It showcases the garments against a tasteful paisley pattern and with a celebratory typographical style.


These festive posters were created for Sumangal on the occasions of Diwali.

Sumangal–Festive Posters

These festive posters were created for Sumangal on the occasions of Diwali, Eid and Durga Puja. Each features an element of its respective festival in a illustrated style, such as a Diwali lamp, fire cracker, minaret and dholki.

Sumangal–Hoarding and Ad

This communication was created for Sumangal on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.