The Thai Spa

The Thai Spa–Booklet

The idea of this booklet was to pay tribute to internal beauty in a holistic well-being of both body and mind. It features images of relaxation and uses light, air fonts and colours to evoke a sense of holistic well-being.

The Thai Spa–Rate Card

This rate card for The Thai Spa uses a large image of the frangipani flower on its cover while the inner pages are tastefully designed using spa images and a short-write-up on the Thai spa process.

The Thai Spa–Leaflet

This concertina style leaflet was created to advertise The Thai Spa as a business franchise to prospective investors.

The Thai Spa–Magazine Ad

This magazine ad is aimed at prospective The Thai Spa franchisees and shows a model reposing in a tub of flowers against the backdrop of a vast landscape with a rainbow across the sky.

The Thai Spa–Hoarding, Standee and Panels

This communication created for The Thai Spa presents the spa in a serene and sensual way, creating an easily recognisable and memorable aura that applies to the brand.

The Thai Spa–Package Deal Coupons

These coupons are for package deals and referral schemes for The Thai Spa and use the brand colours in conjunction with spa elements as background motifs.

The Thai Spa–Booklet

This booklet was created for The Thai Spa for a complimentary service on the fourth visit.

The Thai Spa–Collaterals

These collaterals were designed various promotions such as Monday Blues and special afternoon discounts at The Thai Spa.

The Thai Spa–Discount Vouchers

These discount vouchers promote The Thai Spa’s various discount offers.

The Thai Spa–Poster and Standee

This poster and standee for The Thai Spa is rendered in a tasteful, subtle black and white with the brand colours used for highlights.

The Thai Spa–Logo and Stationaries

The Thai Spa is a chain of authentic Thai therapeutic spas spread across Kolkata, Mumbai and the UK, spreading the holistic well-being of both body and mind.