We added a style quotient to the look and feel of this booklet by adding elements such as the scissors and extending the brand colours throughout. The entire booklet was created as an ode to beauty, form and style.

EyeCatchers–Rate Card

This rate card was created for EyeCatchers and uses pictures of models against a starkly purple background in conjunction with other colourful design elements.

EyeCatchers–Rate Card

This was another rate card created for EyeCatchers featuring a collection of salon services on the cover in chic wide bands while the inside pages use a dominating single colour each to present each service separately in a simple, tasteful execution.


These posters, leaflets and cards were created for a special wedding promotion. Apart from bridal and other pictures, it included a dominance of lilac and pink to accentuate the best aspects of the salon and a typographical style that is easy to read.

EyeCatchers–Magazine Ads and Letters

These ads and letter were designed for EyeCatchers to promote Bare Essentials, a beauty and lifestyle brand retailed by the salon and positioned as a ‘hamper to pamper’ its customers.

EyeCatchers–Magazine Ads

EyeCatchers–Reference Cards

This range of reference cards and discount coupons were made for EyeCatchers and use the usual brand colours to maximum effect to accentuate the images and design elements.

EyeCatchers–Offer Cards and Posters

Created for EyeCatchers, the card announces Happy Hours from Mondays to Thursdays from 11 am to 2 pm. The poster uses images of models to announce special offers on Tuesdays.


This leaflet to promote the salon showcases hair styles in a smart illsutrative style. The ad was made to announce the opening of EyeCatchers in Jamshedpur.

EyeCatchers–Poster and Standee

This poster and standee were created for EyeCatchers and uses wisps of hair to spell out the headline. Set against neat backgrounds, it accentuates the central elements while delivering the message in a memorable way.

EyeCatchers–Logo and Stationaries

EyeCatchers is a beauty salon with several branches around the city with a style quotient encompassing form and substance.