Ambootia Tea Group

Ambootia–Happy Valley Flyer

A flyer created for Happy Valley Tea using the friendly graphics that evoke a lighthearted mood set against the Ambootia brand colours.

Amboootia–Happy Valley Hoarding

Ambootia–Happy Valley Hoarding

The leaflet has been adapted to the outdoor media.


The brand mnemonic in Ambootia’s corporate identity is a ladybird. This carton for Ambootia tea has been created with a background that sees an extension of the mnemonic adapted onto it.

Ambootia–Happy Valley Tea

The Ambootia Group operates some of the finest tea gardens in India. We have created packaging for a number of its tea brands. Here a carton made for its Happy Valley brand is shown. Because the Happy Valley tea estate is full of butterflies, the decision was taken to create the Happy Valley brand logo in the shape of one. This logo has also been adapted and applied to the background to create an elegant effect that is continued through the series, the varianting being done through a change in the colour of the carton itself.


Ambootia–Web |

The Ambootia website we created focuses on tea from a holistic point of view, encompassing its cultivation, speciality and enjoyment. The ladybird element anchors the website in a strikingly interesting way.