LSI Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

LSI Financial–Hoarding

LSI Financial–Booklet

This four page booklet was created for LSI Financial Services as an update to the current trends in the investment market. The colour scheme was derived from the Company’s logo, featuring in bar charts, graphs and section headings, all neatly laid out in a smart grid structure.

LSI Financial–Brochure

This brochure was created for LSI Financial Services for one of its clients as a research study of the iron ore business. Inside, it provides various facts and statistics relating to the global iron ore business. The section headers and highlights are in orange, derived from the Company’s logo. Various market trends and consumption patterns have been discussed in detail.

LSI Financial–Paper Block

This paper block was created for LSI to gift to its clients on the occasion of New Year. It uses colours commensurate with unity and features pictures and text that reflect this thought.

LSI Financial–Calendar

LSI is a financial services company. Its 2010 calendar is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It features a series of water colour paintings on hand made paper. In invoking the Lord of success and wisdom, LSI projects greater growth in the future.

LSI Financial–Calendar

LSI’s 2011 calendar is also dedicated to Lord Ganesha and ennumerates the many and varied shrines dedicated to the veneration of the Lord of all existing beings or ‘gana’. Printed on high quality paper, it expounds the story behind each shrine in vivid colour with a rich background and gold detailing.