Anjika–Invitation Card


Anjika is a dance studio run by celebrated Manipuri dancer Priti Patel. The brochure has been printed on brown paper, giving it a very earthy and natural treatment. The images used are of Manipuri dance and highlight its different forms and expressions. The deliberate flatness of the images serves to communicate authenticity.


This was another calendar created for an Anjika event, celebrating the versatile strains and tones of the Manipuri school of dance. It is tastefully rendered in black and white which serves best to emphasise the subtle forms of this art form.

Anjika–Invitation Card

This card was made for Anjika’s season performance, Ishano, the Black Swan. It uses the feather element to set the tone with the inside containing a short descriptive story on the legend of the Black Swan.

Anjika–Invitation Card

This card was created for Anjika and is rendered as a foldout with interlocking teeth cut out into the paper. To create an authentic effect it was wrapped in real banana leaf.

Anjika–Invitation Card

This card was made for Anjika and follows an unconventonal foldout style with small line illustrations in white for emphasis and effect.

Anjika–Invitation Card

This card was created for Anjika in a red and orange coloured theme using figure sillhouettes in white to denote the swirling dance form.

Anjika–Meihourol Calendar

This calendar was created for Anjika. It was given as a gift at an event called Meihourol, conducted jointly by it and the Government of India—Ministry of Human Resource Development.