Mani Casadona


The brochure that was created for Mani Casadona featured four booklets within a folder. These booklets dealt with four different aspects: About the project, the clubhouse, Rajarhat and the floorplans. The triangle element, adapted from its logo, was used to divide sections and anchor them in thematic integrity.


A series of brochures has been created, that reflect the same refinement in both substance and style with a neat design approach which sees elements of the logo applied as motifs throughout. The corporate nature of the brochure is noticeable in its straight line templates.

Casadona–Verve Brochure

A similar layout is used for the nightclub Verve, though the colours have more variation to highlight the vibrancy of the place.

Casadona–Floor Plan Brochure

The floor plans are in blue and white evoking blue print colours. Casadona lettering geometrics create a disciplined angled effect for the layout and the lettering.


A brochure which highlights the Rajarhat location. On the cover speed lines and a highway hint at Rajarhat's role in a highspeed future. The page layout is clean and white except in the section that deals with the eco friendliness and the green spaces of the region.


The launch campaign revealed the elevation.


A mass media campaign using the same creative theme followed.

Casadona–Logo and Stationaries

The Mani Group has been in the real estate business for over three decades. Mani Casadona is one of its large scale projects. The logo created for it has a contemporary look and is inspired by its elevation and features three upward triangles.