Belani Group

Belani Group–Hoarding and Ad

Le Palmerie–Catalogue

Le Palmerie is an ambitious inner-city residential project from the house of Belani. Its essential structure is based on vintage luxury and a celebration of the privileged lifestyle. Images of old-world styles adapted with modern conveniences abound throughout.

Belani Group–Corporate Campaigns

A series of corporate campaigns was created for the Belani Group. This campaign takes the approach of presenting the Group in the light of warm homes and comfortable living through objects that have been used interestingly.

Belani Group–Corporate Campaigns

This corporate campaign for the Belani Group emphasises strong foundations and presents the Group as a stable partner with whom to create a relationship, upon the values of trust and sincerity.

Woodburn Central–Brochure

Envisioned right opposite Forum Mall, Woodburn Central from the house of Belani is set to become the next big retail cum commercial hub in Kolkata. It is designed in colours that best serve to illustrate the green tinted glass of the elevation with large, easy-to-read maps. Elements of the logo have also been applied towards creating the cover design.

Woodburn Central–Campaign

The brochure design was carried on to a mass media campaign.

Moore Heights–Brochure

Moore Heights is another inner-city residential project from Belani. The cover draws inspiration from the logo. With full-page pictures of the units and interesting thematic sections, the brochure presents Moore Heights as an intimate space in which to live life the way you want to.

Moore Heights–Leaflet

The brochure design was adapted to a mass media campaign for Moore Heights.

Moore Heights–Standees

Moore Heights–Hoarding and Ad


Palacio is a residential project on Queens Park from the Belani Group, a pioneer in building quality residential and commercial buildings in Kolkata. The brochure for it uses a black cover with the line, “A new dimension to gracious lifestyles”, thus positioning Palacio as the next level in residential housing at the highest level of comfort and quality, defining true upscale living.